Limited Edition Kaweco Eyedropper 1910

 Kaweco 1910 Limited Edition

Normally, I don’t get all googly about fountain pens that cost over $100 but, of course, there is always an exception to the rule and leave it to Kaweco to tap all my damn buttons at once. JetPens are currently offering limited edition Kaweco 1910 Guilloch Eyedropper pen. I’ve already waxed poetic about the standard Kaweco Student and my not-so-limited-edition Guilloch 1930. This is a Guilloch-engraved body (swoon!) with a 14K gold nib. But its not actually an eyedropper filler. Rather, it utilizes the standard Kaweco (European short) cartridges or a converter. JetPens specifically states in the description not to convert the pen into an eyedropper.

Kaweco 1910 14K gold nib

The pen is engraved with its limited edition number (numbers go to 850 but only 800 pens were made available for sale). It was available in fine, medium and broad nibs but JetPens is already sold out of the broad.

Kaweco 1910 box set

The box set includes one box of each color of the available ink cartridges and the leather carrying case which are all available elsewhere in a limited edition book-shaped box with vintage pen graphics all over it.

The really un-swoony-y part? The pen costs $487. Despite how much I like the look of this pen, I don’t like it that much. Maybe they’ll do a similar design with their gold-tone standard nib in an open edition I can actually afford?

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