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Fossil Pencil Shavings Wristlet
Fossil Key-Per Wristlet $35

Men have the advantage of having pockets in just about every garment they wear. Their trousers have pockets; be they jeans, chinos or cargo shorts (extra capacity!). Their shirts have pockets, and sometimes even their t-shirts have pockets. But we ladies face the challenge of where to put our phone, cash, cards and keys. Most women’s clothing do not have pockets and, even the items that should like jeans have these ridiculously small pockets that are almost there solely for looks. “Fashion industry, I’m talking to you! Its time to put pockets and useful additions into women’s clothes while still making them stylish!”

So sure, we can lug handbags, totes bags and briefcases with us everywhere we go, but sometimes, the need arises for a slimmed down solution.

Enter the wristlet. It is a small “portable pocket” large enough to hold those items you need for a jaunt to the grocery store, a trip to Chipotle or just around your enormous (corporate) campus. The solution for a lady’s everyday carry (EDC).

I found the Fossil Key-Per wristlet with pencil shavings pattern on Zappos for $35. It is large enough to hold the average smartphone, has pockets inside to keep ID and credit cards and a gusset on the side to keep coins and loose items from falling out. A short pen like a Fisher Space Pen or Kaweco Sport would also fit. There are other wristlets available on the Fossil site and of course other brand make other options. My co-workers carry a Kate Spade, Coach and BlueQ zippered pouch which range in price from around $10 to well over $100 at retail so there are lots of options to suit your tastes and your budget.

Coach Heritage Wristlet in Sky leather $108
Coach Heritage Wristlet in Sky leather $108

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  1. I used a wallet clutch from Hobo Int’l for a year, and so so wanted it to be the solution for me. It was just too big both to carry around (not really a pocket substitute), and too big to slip into another purse. I recently bought an “organizer wallet” from Tom Bihn, and was thrilled to discover that my flip phone fit in it! Plus, it has a robust clip on the side for my keys. The front is clear, so I can keep my drivers license in the front pocket for easy ID checks, and there are two ultrasuede dividers that separate my debit cards from my cash and phone. It’s a great solution for me.

  2. I find this self deprecating humorous from a male perspective. As a heavy pocket user carrying many toys and trinkets that I may need (and use once or twice year) I sometimes find myself jealous of ladies and the acceptance of a purse. Or maybe it’s still the unacceptance of men carrying a murse. Oh I have tried it and loved how many doo dads and tools and stuff I could carry with me but it just never stuck. Between the funny looks I get and the inconvenience of keeping track of a bag I always scaled back my walking inventory to what would fit in my pants pockets.

    I agree with you: women, as men do today, should have the choice of carrying any size purse they want AND having a wide selection of fashionable and comfortable clothes with REAL pockets.

  3. I LOVE my wristlet. I’m surprised more women don’t use them. Mine is not fancy and came with a bag as a freebie. I’ve since ditched the bag and gone through several others, but the wristlet has stayed. I can fit my phone, keys, and wallet stuff in it, slip it on my wrist and go. Functional and simple.

    And to Bob, I am an advocate of men carrying bags. When that trend catches on, I’ll have to have my husband carry things for me. 🙂

  4. Having a good EDC, or small pocket-able tools when you go out and about makes urban and suburban life easier. I keep a small multi-tool, pen, notebook, tape measure, and mini prybar with me at all times except when I travel to the airport. This is in addition to my phone, wallet and keys. I have a small wristlet such as show here or a small overbody bag to take the essentials with me when I don’t want to bring my full-sized purse. I think that people should give more thought into what they carry everyday. EDC is far more than carrying a weapon, as many people associate the term with. It is being prepared.

    As for the men that want to carry a murse. Go for it. I see men with backpacks, lightweight briefcases with straps and small black bags or belt pouches all the time. It is not that unusual these days.

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