Dennison Desk Tray

Dennison matchbox desk tray --rearranged

I fell in love with my Dennison Bookshelf mathcbook set I got for Christmas this year. So much so that when I saw this vintage plastic desk tray, I knew the two needed to meet. The tray is a marbled brown plastic and is in excellent condition.  I think the center section was originally designed to hold an ink bottle. On the front are slots for pen and paper clips and the whole tray is angled for easy use. The streamlined design details make me think this is from the 1940s but the plastic is in such good shape I can’t imagine its quite that old.

I only have six Dennison boxes which do not quite fit perfectly in the tray but with a little creative arranging, I fit a Diamine ink bottle on one side and arranged the matchboxes across the left and top.

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