Ink Drop Reveal: July 2013

Ink Drop: July 2013

This month’s Ink Drop selection from Goulet Pens is themed “America” in honor of the Fourth of July. Of course, red (in the form of Noodler’s Rattler Red Eel) and blue are featured prominently as well as inks with patriotically names (De Atramentis U.S. Constitution and Private Reserve American Blue). The two other inks are in honor of our armed forces: Noodler’s Air Corp Blue-Black and Noodler’s Army Green.

This is the first time I’ve gotten a color in an Ink Drop assortment that I already own in full bottle quantities in the Air Corp Blue-Black which is a blue-black that leans a bit greenish to me — more like a muddy teal. I like its uniqueness of color and its usability. Its one of my favorite inks.

The De Atramentis U.S. Constitution is the lightest blue I’ve seen. It would probably work better with a stub nib or with a more calligraphic pen. I think its a bit light for a fine nibbed pen.

I really like the Noodler’s Rattler Red Eel. It is a clear bright red. It does not lean orange or pink. If you’ve been hunting for a true red, this can’t be beat.

Private Reserve American Blue is the most vivid blue ink I’ve seen to date. It is true blue and makes me feel patriotic just looking at it. If you’ve been looking for a blue that hums with overt blueness, this is the one for you.

The Noodler’s Army Green has been a color I’ve been curious about for some time, being a connoissuer of all things green. This is a lovely olive-y green with a slightly yellowish tinge. I love it! I plan on buying a bottle ASAP.

I had no noticable issues with dry time on these inks but I focus more on showing off the colors at this stage rather than a thorough review of all the ink properties. When I purchase full bottles, I tend to go into more detail about dry time and other qualities.

These inks were tested using a TWSBI Mini EF with the syringe fill method on a Quo Vadis Habana blank white notebook (A5-ish sized).

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  1. The American Blue sure reads well, but the Air Corps Blue Black has a hint of mystery to it. My favorite, too.

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