Franklin-Christoph Inks

Franklin-Christoph inks

Reader Lilardie sent me some samples of three of colors of ink available from Franklin-Christoph recently. I received samples of Dark Denim (a deep blue/blue-black), Syrah Syrah (a red burgundy) and Olde Emerald (a muted deep green).

I like all the colors. None of the colors are overly vibrant. Instead they are deep or muted and feel a little vintage-looking. Each color has a bit of grey or black in it. They all went onto the paper smoothly and flowed easily when I was testing them. All three offered a little bit of shading which would be more apparent with a stub or calligraphy nib.

The Franklin-Christoph site is pretty thorough in its descriptions of their inks which is quite useful. The detail water resistance, dry time, pH levels and other details that are often not available when purchasing other inks. The Dark Denim is water resistant but the Syrah Syrah and Olde Emerald are not.

Franklin-Christoph ink close-up

I am quite fond of these inks and plan on investing in a couple as well as trying the Deep Purple as well. Their color offering is not broad but I think they’ve made good choices about the colors in their collection thus far.

Each ink, as well as their other colors are available directly from Franklin-Christoph for $12 per 2 oz. bottle.

Inks were tested on y bright white blank Quo Vadis Habana notebook with a TWSBI Mini EF.

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  1. Thanks for the review.

    BTW, the “fox jumps over the dog”. That way you write an ‘s’ and then all the letters have been used. I used to write “jumped” until I realized there was no ‘s’ after explaining to my daughter why we used the sentence.

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