Makeshift Ink Cartridge Caddy


I found this vintage metal Kodak film canister in my stash recently and wondered if it would hold some of my European short ink cartridges.


It does. Acutally, it easily holds 14 if you alternate directions. The cap screws on nicely and keeps the cartridges from getting knocked around in the bottom of my bag while keeping any potential leaking contained (not that I’ve ever had a cartridge leak but just in case). For my recent trip I wanted to have some ink options but didn’t want to deal with the potential mess of packing a bottle of ink. This method let me bring several different colors with no mess.

The canister also lets me play “ink roulette” since I filled it with several different colors but did not label anything so its anyone’s guess which color I’ll pull out.


I imagine newer plastic 35mm plastic canisters would also work as a good place to stash a few cartridges too. How do you carry spare cartridges?

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  1. I have a couple of decorated mint tins that I use to store my Sheaffer Skrip, European short standard, and Pilot Petit 1 cartridges in. They’re great for travel for the same reason the film canister you have is. The tins fit more short standard & Petit 1 cartridges than Skrip, but it’s still a fairly good amount.

  2. This is a great idea for carrying random carts, especially for travel. I have been using old, plastic 35mm film canisters to keep loose nibs together. Of course, my little film canister is not as cute as yours. 😀

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