Podcast: Pen Addict #62 Lefty Apologist


If you are left-handed, know a lefty or are just curious what I sound like, you might want to check out this week’s episode of the Pen Addict podcast. Can you believe they let me on the show again?

We discuss some of the challenges facing left-handed writers and wax rhapsodic about Field Notes — big surprise there.

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  1. Ana,
    How nice to hear from you again on the Pen Addict podcast! You ought to consider becoming a semi-regular on the show, if only to give Mr. Hurley the chance to coin more clever sobriquets with which to introduce you. I write not only to praise, but to let you know that even we non-southpaws have trouble with dreaded smearing. The Signo DXs with the 1.0 nib leave a dark line that never seems to dry, leaving the page close to illegible. The worst smears I’ve experienced, though, occurred when I tried out a Pilot Varsity in purple. Maybe it’s something about purple, as you suggested. More likely, though, it was simple a quality control problem endemic to cheap fountain pens. At any rate, you bring much to the discussion with your practical but informed insights.


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