Vintage Typewriters Calendar for 2014

Typewriter Calendar

Looks like I’m getting a jump on preparations for 2014. My good pal Chuck from Craftboy sent me this awesome calendar filled with photos of some of the most iconic typewriters from the Kasbah Mod collection. Kasbah sells premium typewriters, often refurbished with vivid paint jobs but the typewriters in the calendar are all in their original hues.

Typewriter Calendar

Typewriter Calendar

The wall calendar features a dozen delicious typewriter images and lots of space to write birthdays and events. You can purchase a copy of this calendar online through for $14.99.

Typewriter Calendar

I had to check to see if I owned any of the typewriters featured in the calendar. While I covet many of them including the Olivetti Valentine, I do not own a single one featured in the calendar. The closest I have is a Hermes Rocket, the little cousin to the Hermes 3000.

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  1. I sourced a Contessa for a friend. It was a gem of a machine. Cursive and never used. And I have a 3000 too, but it’s from the 1960s and has a boxy body. I really want a Royal Futura.

  2. Thanks for the post! One clarification: The Royal Futura features Kasbah Mod CUSTOM Painting in Turquoise. Enjoy ; – )) Chase from Kasbah Mod

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