Field Notes Drink Local Edition Sneak Peek

Field Notes Drink Local
1. Field Notes Drink Local: Front View , 2. Top View, 3. Side View, 4. 3/4 view

And its here! The new Field Notes Drink Local edition arrived in my mailbox last night. The packaging with the subscriptions making the 6-pack of beer-inspired notebooks look like an actual 6-pack is absolutely stunning though I recommend assembling the carton BEFORE imbibing as it does require a little thought. LOVE!

I wanted to get it captured before disassembling the shrink wrap and effecting its MIB appearance so I have not  had a chance to pet the “soft-touch” covers or closely admire the letterpress coaster which is inside the shrink wrap. This is just some visual stimulus to join the subscription service today and get your 6-pack before they sell out. They’ve gone fast in the past but I think these are going to set a new record.

I’ll do a more in-depth look later but I wanted to share some sneak peeks now while there are still sets and subscriptions available.

Subscriptions are $97 for one-year. Individual 3-packs are available in “Ales” or “Lagers” for $9.95 per set but they will not ship with the limited 6-pack packaging. Extra sets of beer coasters can be ordered as well: set of 4 for $3.95.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed photos! I have not subscribed before, but when I saw the 6 pack carrier, I decided this would be the season that I start my sub! 🙂 Mine shipped today — can’t wait to get it!!

    P.S. I don’t comment much, but I’m a regular reader and love your blog!

    – Tina

  2. This is one of my favorites from Field Notes. I don’t even want to use the notebooks…I want to leave them in the 6 pack carrier, and display as the work of art it is!

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