Book: New Postal Style 50

New Postal Style

My lovely friends often bring me treasures from Japan that are office-y or mail-related which is how this beautiful book came into my hands. The title of the book is New Postal Style 50 and is filled with envelope-like folds for mail.

New Postal Style inside spread

All the pages feature variation alternatives to the same old envelope. I was smitten until I started looking more closely at the possible durability or mailability of these envelopes. I know that anything with a stiff stick cannot be run through the standard machinery used by the US Postal Service but the envelope + folded note design might be interesting for a letter.

New Postal Style inside spread

There are some great ideas that might be modifiable for actual mail. I know that generally speaking, the postal service does not like string or rubber bands on the outside of a package either but maybe the wrap over a box could be modified with washi tapes and glue? The trapezoid letter is super cool, as is the stamped letter design.

New Postal Style instructions

In the back of the book are instructions and diagrams. Even if you don’t read Japanese, the diagrams and calculations are universally useful.

This book could be ordered from or check with your local Asian book store so see if they stock it or could order it for you.

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  1. The book looks really cool but some of your suggestions could be bad/good (as are the original designs).

    Irregularly shaped envelopes with “stuff” and whatnot can be requested to be hand cancelled, not everything has to be sent through the automatic reading machine. It may cost more though.

    Washi tape has been discouraged from packaging as it doesn’t stay adhered to items (the whole appeal of it). For instance, I have postcards I taped to my wall with a generous amount of washi tape (Japanese MT and a trial of Scotch brand) and all have fallen off within a week with normal Bay Area (though dry) weather conditions inside (I leave my windows open year round) and with zero handling.

    I have received packages with exterior washi tape half-torn off & I imagine that USPS doesn’t like picking bits of it it out of their processing line. I tend to use clear shipping tape over everything if it’s water soluble and exposed (like FP ink on a postcard) or package smaller items into a translucent glassine or vellum envelope (if flat).

    Honestly, if one can mail a Pigeon (a la LWA) or a Log (ummm that was an experiment in my teens, it totally worked, too) then I imagine a small twig or other item could work. Just check with your postal carrier/office, add extra postage and don’t expect it to necessarily make it to it’s destination.

    Mail experimentation is fun and if you are kind to your mail carriers and they know you, you keep low expectations, and view it as *experiment* not a guarantee, then I can’t see any of these things not being (USPS) mail-able. I definitely cannot vouch for other package services or another country’s delivery requirements.

    (though I have gotten a few crazy packages from other countries, mostly safely!)

    (and I DEFINITELY want this book! Time to run to Kinokuniya! Do you have an ISBN for it?)

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