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Amy recently emailed asking:

I was hoping you could help me track down a journal. I found it in a blog post on etsy (I have emailed the author of the post but haven’t heard back yet). If you scroll midway through the post, there is a tan (leather?) journal that appears to have plain pages and looks similar to a large moleskine. Do you have any idea what type it could be?

mystery leather journal

The post is here:

Thanks for your help! Happy New Year!

Monsieur Lether Notebook

When I think of leather notebooks, I first think of Jenni Bick. She stocks so many possibilities including handmade one-of-a-kind options. The other option would be the Monsieur Notebooks ($32-$42) which feature a leather cover and the vertical elastic like was shown in the photo. Its not the same colors but maybe its similar?

Does anyone else have a recommendation for Amy?

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