Review: Zenok Leatherworks Field Notes Cover

Zenok Leather Field Notes Cover

My darling husband has been known, on occasion, to read The Well-Appointed Desk as a make-shift wish list for me. This often works out in my favor at the holidays. For Christmas this year, he bought me a Zenok Leatherworks Field Notes Cover ($39) in natural beige.

Zenok Leather Field Notes Cover Comparison

I thought I’d give is a quick comparison to my Pelle Journal on the left and my Midori Traveler Passport-sized Star Edition on the right.

The most notable detail of the Zenok cover is the leather tab that covers the elastic at the open edge of the cover. There are notches in the leather cover for the elastics which is also unique to the Zenok. An extra elastic was included with the package though I think I might visit a local fabric store and acquire a contrasting elastic to customize my cover.

The Zenok Leatherworks Cover for Field Notes is just a bit taller than the passport-sized Traveler and the leather is a lighter color. I like the warmer color of the Traveler cover and a bit softer. The Zenok cover feels like untreated leather so I wonder if I treat it with saddle soap or mink oil might soften it and deepen the color.

Zenok Leather Field Notes Cover

Inside, the cover includes four elastics that can be used to hold notebooks or other item inside the cover.

Zenok Leather Field Notes Cover

Zenok Leather Field Notes Cover

The cover comfortably holds three notebooks. Four Field Notes will fit but that’s a lot of notebooks for me. I think I’ll normally carry two: one for work and one for personal notes. I’d add a third only if I was getting to end of one book and wanted to have a back-up. I’ll use the additional elastics for a folder for loose papers. I also found that a small Bar-4 envelope (10 for $3) can be used to store receipts and business cards if I tuck the envelope tongue under the elastic.

When the cover arrived and I tucked a Field Notes into it, my husband got a little envious so I think we’ll be ordering another one soon. Very soon.

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