Kaweco Skyline in Mint


Have you seen the Kaweco Skyline series? Look at this gorgeous color? Its listed as mint and despite the fact that I need another pocket-sized Kaweco like I need a hole in my head, I’m thinking I might have to order one.

So far, the only place I’ve found them is the Fontoplumo site out of the Netherlands and the pen is listed for €16.95 (about $23US) so its in the range of the standard Sport models, price-wise. Its listed on the Kaweco site in gray and black as well — all with silver accents rather than the gold on the standard Sport models.

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  1. The silver nib is perfect for the cool green pen. Thanks for finding it so the rest of us can drool over the new color.

  2. That certainly is a beautiful color!
    Is there anything different with the Skyline series other than the body colors and the silver nib?

    I’m not allowed to buy more fountain pens for a while, and I already have too kaweco a, but damn I like this color.

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