Ink Review: Pilot Iroshizuku Ama Iro

I always think I’m not going to like blue ink. I think I expect blue to be pedestrian like those horrible blue ballpoints from school but then it would be inconceivable to compare PIlot Iroshizuku to a drugstore ballpoint. Ama Iro (Sky Blue) is a stunning blue like melted blue skies. The color is vibrant with a capital V.  It darkens ever-so-slightly when it dries but the color is still stunning.

Pilot Iroshizuku Ama Iro

I thought it had a little green in it like De Atramentis Pigeon Blue but Ama Iro is much more blue. I guess I like blue inks after all.

Pilot Iroshizuku Ama Iro is $28 per 50 ml bottle


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  1. I had this inked up at the same time as Lamy Turquoise and while there is a difference, it is VERY slight. The difference is more apparent in a swab than in a fine nib. The extra $20 per bottle could likely be spent better elsewhere.

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