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Pen Chalet

I’d like to welcome Pen Chalet as a new sponsor on The Well-Appointed Desk. Pen Chalet stocks fine pens from some of our favorite brands like Lamy, Kaweco, Pelikan, Namiki, Pilot and many more. Pen Chalet stocks inks, refills, notebooks, pen cases and more as well.

And to help sweeten the deal, Pen Chalet is offering an extra 10% off for Well-Appointed Desk readers. Enter the code wellappointeddesk at checkout will get 10% off their already reduced prices. Don’t forget to check out the sales page for super low prices. The special offers are available for a limited time only so if you see something you love, order it quick. And let Pen Chalet know you heard about them from the Well-Appointed Desk.

Thanks to Pen Chalet for the great deals and sponsoring The Desk!

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  1. It’s great that Pen Chalet has decided to sponsor you, but my (personal) issue with them is – listen closely to their product videos and you will hear that their nomenclature is off in the descriptions.
    “plastic” when it should be cellulose
    “steel” when it is tin
    “steel” when it is aluminum
    Squeeze converter that only “x” manufacturer has “is unique to” – “no one else has” …. when clearly several other manufacturers use the same type of squeeze converters.

    They are just “off” on their descriptions, but I do not believe it is to deceive – it may just be a lack of full product knowledge.

    Please note, I have purchased form Pen Chalet before, and will gladly again. I just get the feeling they are more in it for the money than the love of pens.


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