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Back -to-School time is my favorite holiday (big surprise). I love fall weather, sweaters and wool skirts and I especially love shopping for new notebooks, pens and fresh pencils. Though not all of us are headed back-to-school this month, that doesn’t mean we don’t need to celebrate this season of fresh starts and new ideas. I’m giving away a $25 gift certificate for Jet Pens to use for your favorite back-to-school goodies.

Just tell me what your favorite part of back-to-school is (or was) in the comments below to be entered. One entry per person. (Comments are moderated so if you’ve never commented before, your comment won’t appear until its approved. No need to resubmit).

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Monday, August 18, 2014. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Tuesday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone β€” pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 30 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Gift certificate is delivered electronically. Giveaway is open to all, US and international readers!

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  1. My favorite part of back to school was the new notebooks. There’s always so much possibility in a new notebook. Even now!

  2. My favorite part of going back to school was redesigning my notebook / notetaking setup every year, and finding cool stuff to make it happen.

  3. I liked back to school because you got to get new school supplies and new clothes. It was always an excuse to splurge on fun pens/pencils and notebooks.

  4. Mechanical pencils were my favorite September school supply purchase. I’d often start the year with a new Scripto, and usually lost it within a week …

  5. My favorite part was buying new notebooks, pens, and (if I was lucky!) a new a backpack. I still love bags, pens, and notebooks even though I’m 10 years out of college!

  6. Definitely new pens and pencils. I especially loved when we were able to go to the teacher supply store or one of the craft stores. They always had the coolest pens and pencils.

  7. Paper. I love seeing the new notebook cover designs. I miss Lisa Frank! Those were my absolute favorite as a child, but this year I’ve picked up several neon items as well as recycled cream colored papers. This is my time of year to stock up on papers and pencils, every single year… no better selection than now!

  8. School supplies, of COURSE! The new boxes of crayons, as yet unmolested erasers, unsharpened pencils, notebooks with no wrinkles or tears….

    and taking brown paper and con-tac shelf paper and meticulously and artfully wrapping/covering and labelling my books and making matching labels for all my new binders.

    Everything being so new and orderly and with the promise of perfection (that of course went out the window after the first week when exhaustion took over.) is the best about the new school year. New beginnings.

  9. I loved getting new notebooks for back to school, and color-coding and labeling them by subject. I also took the opportunity to get new art supplies while we were anyway out looking for school supplies, even if they weren’t technically β€œfor” school. (I ended up going for a fine arts degree so I suppose it paid off eventually!)

  10. I love everything about back to school. Looking what kind of new things and styles the companies came up with, no matter if it is notebooks, binders or pens.

  11. I cannot tell a lie–it was the new shoes.A perfect pair of white tennis shoes. But second runner up was new pens for doodling in the margins of my notebooks.

  12. I always got overly excited about new planners. I never managed to keep one up for more than a week because they never had nearly enough room to write down all of my assignments, but I loved the *possibility* of being organised.

  13. New clothes! And we wore fall shirts and sweaters right away, even though it was still pretty warm in September β€” esp without a/c.

  14. New Notebooks!! *sigh* I could hardly talk my Joey into a new 3 subject spiral (very boring, plain red) and ended up with 3 new notebooks for myself! Oh the potential of a blank notebook…… I may have to swing by another office supply store just to compare the books there. πŸ™‚

  15. Picking which color comp book/pencil/folder I’d use for each class. I’m not nearly so ornery these days (grad school isn’t quite as exciting. As long as I’ve got a planner and a nice FP, I’m happy)

  16. My favorite part of back-to-school was always getting new supplies. New shoes were great, new clothes were okay, but there was something about the SMELL of a new box of crayons or a newly sharpened pencil. I still keep a No. 2 pencil and a little old-school metal pencil sharpener in my desk at work πŸ™‚

    I have two school-aged children and next week start the process of finishing my degree (only 13 years after my last uni course), and I still get a little excited over supplies.

  17. New pencil case! I had a new one every school year as it got doodled one and at the end of the year there’d be no space left!

  18. I loved the new book smell. And decorating my book covers and notebooks. And new fall skirts. And just – well – everything. πŸ™‚

  19. My favourite part of back to school was being able to see all my friends together, and the actual schooling as well.

  20. Obvi school supplies! I also loved the potential a new year had. Maybe this would be the year of honor roll or straight As. I would set out determined to wow my teachers and maybe be popular.

    I loved college because I got to start over twice a year. And I finally got straight As in college, my professors liked me and I knew the majority of people on my campus. It helped I went to a small college. πŸ˜‰

  21. I always loved shopping for school supplies and getting myself organized for all of my classes. And the prospect of learning new things always excited me so much that I’d have trouble sleeping before the first day of school. I’ve always been such a geek. πŸ˜›

  22. New notebooks and pens! My mum would take me to a stationery shop and I would get all these different coloured notebooks and pens for all my different subjects.

  23. I was going to say something else until Leaf’s answer “Wrapping my textbooks” reminded me… That had to be my favorite part of the new school year. I remember using brown paper grocery bags to wrap my new text books.

  24. Fresh new shoes, fresh new backpack filled just right with all new school supplies. Feeling ready to take on the world!

  25. I’m excited to get back to school so I can get back into schedule. Having nothing to do over the summer gets boring, I much prefer to be learning (and writing notes) every day.

  26. I just liked getting new clean supplies that weren’t all battered and worn out. I wish JetPens was around when I was in school, because I could never find a decent pen!

  27. When I was younger, for college or university, my favorite part was to shop for goodies (pens, notebooks …) to use for the new year to come !

  28. I have to go with the new school supplies. I never got tired of getting new notebooks, pens and pencils. It’s starting out on a blank slate!

  29. PAPER! When I was little, it was Lisa Frank notebooks; in middle npand high school it was brand-new, stiff-covered composition notebooks; in college (and still now in graduate school!) I go for soft, portable, small moleskine cahirs.

  30. When I was younger, I was always most excited about the new schoolbag; this time around (I’m taking a few classes, flirting with the idea of a second degree), I’m terribly obsessed with highlighters in soft/pastel colors. There is something magical about a thoroughly annotated reading. Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. My favorite part of back to school was the feeling of control and organization that all the new binders and pens and notebooks gave me!

  32. My favorite part of back to school shopping was trying to talk my mother into buying me a really cool but totally unnecessary stationery supply such as a protractor or packet of stencils.

  33. Generally, I just love Fall as a season, so I’m looking forward to the air getting crisp and pumpkin pie. But as specifically pertains to back-to-school, I have always loved getting those new pens, pencils, folders, and notebooks. As someone else noted, it’s a clean slate the new schools supplies really embodied that.

  34. My favorite part is of course all the stationery sales that take place!
    These days, I have a serious surplus of pens that you can get at big box stores and elsewhere, I’m more into fountain pens, and I’m no longer in college (less use for pens & paper), so I’m not following the sales as closely. But I just got a laser printer!

  35. The tedious, yet simplistic work of writing notes and studying was preferable to the complications and innumerable decisions of real life.

  36. I always got the giant pack of crayons when I was a kid. Loved seeing them lined up like people in a stadium. πŸ™‚

  37. Favorite part of back to school? Other than 50 cent composition books I really like that the students come back to campus.

  38. My favorite part about back-to-school has always been the excitement of the first day. Everyone is so fresh and energized.

  39. When I was a kid, the best part was buying new folders for my Trapper Keeper and new Lisa Frank notebooks. Now, back-to-school time is when all my new initiatives at work start fresh so I get a new planner and reorganize my life. It’s my favorite time of year coming just ahead of New Years.

  40. My favorite thing was to set up my 1″ View Binder with dividers, paper, and a zippered pencil case right in the front.

  41. Best part of going back to school? Breaking out the new pens I’ve gotten for the first time. Using fresh notepads. Best feeling in the world.

  42. I’m a teacher so my favorite part of going back to school is getting my room ready, and that is some big time enabling. πŸ™‚

  43. School shopping! I love getting new pens and notebooks and supplies. I liked to color code each of my classes and got notebooks and folders to match for each individual class. Plus I love to look in the stationery section for the new designs and supplies they come out with every year. Love it!

  44. My favorite part of back-to-school was (and still is) seeing all the new things that come out each year, be it a new style of mechanical pencil (Bic always seemed to change their designs then), sharpener, or a pencil case that either was more functional then before or more attractive (sometimes both). This year I found nice colored ink pens at the Dollar Tree, and a holographic metal pencil box for my niece at Kmart.

  45. My favorite school supply was markers in as many colors as I could find (though back in the day, they didn’t come in nearly the range that they do now). Some teachers didn’t even allow them in class (too messy, too runny, too bright, whatever), but I always had to get new ones anyway. Hmmm, decades later, nothing has changed. πŸ™‚

    – Tina

  46. My favorite part of going back to school is school supply shopping! There’s just something magical about getting a brand new notebook and then imagining all the new thoughts and ideas you’re going to get to fill it with. Also, I loved getting to see my friends on a regular basis again after a summer apart.

  47. My favorite part of back to school was of course shopping for school supplies. I also love getting clothes for the fall season. I really love coats and sweaters. πŸ™‚

  48. Being back to school means to use again lots of ink, which in turn it means to finish many cartridges. Empty cartridges have balls inside that can be used to play during class. Balls were my favorite part of being back to school.

  49. Endlessly roaming the schoolsupply basement of the local store. Surely I needed to have the best, most funny, coolest school agenda. And I think deep down I already was a pen and paper lover back in the day…

  50. ..waking up early enough to feel the chilly air and watch the sky change its colour!
    (and on a more relevant note, to be able to find an excuse for excessive use of stationery and art supplies 8) )

  51. I like to get new school stuff and color my fountains again with different colors. I like the smell of the new notebooks and do write in it for the first time. It is a special feeling to do this.

  52. Best part of going back to school, is that i get a valid excuse to hang at stationary shops.
    Also, trying new ways to take notes πŸ˜€

  53. Thanks Ana for the opportunity. Back in the day I always loved getting that brand new pair of white Converse All Star “Chucks” tennis shoes as my back to school footwear. Truly the Prada and Jimmy Choo of my boyhood days. Today I enjoy school supply shopping with a donation to help 3 school teachers we have in the extended family so the kids are ready to go in the classroom first day. Our government school system funding for supplies is really whacked out of line.

  54. I’m excited to get back to school because I’m addicted to the smell of the books, papers and of course the inks!

  55. I’m still in grad school, so I would welcome the opportunity to obtain additional stationery anytime. Thanks!

  56. When I was a kid (an 80’s kid), it was picking out a new Trapper Keeper. Setting it up with all new folders, thinking about how organized I’d be (and the thing would fall apart like 2 months later because they were cheaply made). Radical!

  57. I love the ridiculous sales this time of year….something oddly satisfying about 10-cent notebooks and 25-cent boxes of pencils…

  58. The trip to Staples (or Buniess Depot when I was younger)…there was nothing like a new pack of pens and pencils…

  59. My favorite part of going back to school was the stationary themed outfits my mom would sew for me… For 1st grade, she sewed a shirt and pair of trousers that looked like a red crayola crayon costume.

    My senior year of high school, she made me a PENCIL pencil skirt out of this crazy pen and pencil print fabric. I wore it to pieces!

  60. I love all the sales for pens pencils and paper. I stock up on mead journals, I can get a years worth for the price of a normal journal if I’m lucky.

  61. I graduated for 8 years ago. In my memories, the best Back-To-School packs which I’ve ever prepared is:
    +A pencil case to store all
    +A good and not too expensive fountain pens, I often used 3 fountain pens with 6 ink’s colours for daly writiing, take notes and signature. I used Lamy Safari, Sailor 1911 Profit Standard M and Sheaffer 300.
    +A pencil and A7 notebook
    +Actually a ballpen with combine colours because I’m not use it too much.

  62. My favorite part of going back to school was getting supplies of course. My all time favorite was getting a new eraser that had 4 layers of different colors; I thought that was the coolest! Too old for “school” supplies now, but I still take advantage of the back to school sales to stockpile paper and pens!

  63. My favorite part is meeting up again with the friends and students I have not seen all summer. We often don’t have time for more than a hi in the early days of the semester, but I am still always glad to see their smiling faces.

  64. My favorite part of back to school was shopping for new pens and binders and notebooks. Which is probably why I’m here! πŸ™‚

  65. I’m going back to school & SUPER EXCITED to be learning again — some of my profs this year seem really great.

    Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ˜€

  66. My mom would always take me back to school shopping when she went shopping for her classroom, and she loved it as much as I did. Between the two of us we could (and would) spend hours in office supply stores. πŸ™‚

  67. Favourite part was seeing friends again, and the possibility of using all my new school supplies to write incredibly beautiful notes–unfortunately, that was not always the case.

  68. My favorite part was always back to school shopping. I have this strange obsession with school/office supplies and loved seeing what new stuff the stores got each year.

  69. I work in a profession that generally has summers off. I have never had to switch from the “school year” to the “normal year” and honestly, I’m pretty happy about that.

    “Back to School” season feels more like New Years than New Years does for me. August is when I think about what habits I can tweak or add to be more productive/better/healthier/sleep more/etc etc etc.

    Plus, of course, all the discounted school supplies make me happy too.

  70. I have to admit that the going back to school shopping was a big thing for both my mom and I. She saved up for most of the year to buy those two pairs of pants and three new shirts, as well as the fabled loose-leaf notebook paper, Schaeffer cartridges for my Schaeffer school fountain pen, and a new box of leads for the Scripto mechanical pencil. I still have both pen and pencil – in fine working order – 55 years later…. Don’t have the clothes from then, though….

  71. That sense of excitement that there’s all sorts of new possibilities of knowledge, new connections, new books…. before one gets burned out at the end of the school year, but nevertheless, every fall the same sense of excitement returns

  72. My favorite part of Back to School was the fact that autumn is on its way – my favorite season here in New England.

  73. I LOVED buying my new Schaffer cartridge pens after the first day of school. At first I bought the solid colored barrel, but once I discovered. The demonstrator, I was a goner.

  74. My favorite part of back-to-school has to be shopping for β€œschool” supplies. According to your blog of October 2, 2012, I’m an official β€œOffice Supply Junkie”! Pulling together the needs for three kids in college gives Dad an opportunity to sneak new items of interest into the cart. Since many of their needs can’t be obtained at the usual sources, I’m forced to visit the higher end art or specialty shops. A 35 cent pencil sharpener will do for them, but I spy that milled aluminum gem. They get the $3.00 printer paper while I restock my 32lb favorite. This year I was forced to share the novelty Lego erasers packed four to a package – one for each of them and the last for Dad.

  75. My favorite part about going back to school — being around my profs and cohort on a daily basis again! And book shopping. I have to special order most of my books from so it’s always a big deal. πŸ™‚

  76. Getting awesome pens.

    I’m serious. I became a pen addict in the 3rd grade when my parents bought me this small kit of Pentel R.S.V.P. pens and I thought they were amazing.

  77. I loved being able to buy a new stash of paper abd cahiers/thin notebooks every year. The one time of the year my mother indulged my love of paper plus the prices were always much better so could afford more! As I am now doing a distance uni course I still love putting together all the new notebooks I will need for the different subjects!

  78. Buying supplies, especially paper and pencils. ThE dream that this was the moment of being perfectly organized.

  79. My favorite part was going to get supplies. Helping Mom decide what we needed and wanted. We never spent enough time in the store, to suit me.

  80. Driving down Ponce de Leon Ave. in Atlanta to the old Sears & Roebuck store for new dresses, smelling the roasting peanuts, and buying new school supplies!

  81. Notebooks! Pens! Trying to decide, do I want a bunch of single subject composition books in different colors? Or do I want one big chunky 5-subject one? Oh, the delicious agony!

  82. I enjoyed seeing all my friends again. By the end of summer vacation I was pretty much ready to go back.

  83. My favorite part of going back to school was all the new school supplies; pens, notebooks, binders, new backpack. That was the best!

  84. Although I’m not studying anymore, the back-to-school time is still my favourite part of the year, because I can go drooling over all the pen and paper supplies in stationery shops and occasionally I can bring something interesting home.

  85. My favourite part of going back to school/uni is that I get to buy all these new pens and books. I love to shop for a new planner, pilot G-Tec pens and Jordi Labanda Books. πŸ™‚

  86. My favorite part of back-to-school was getting supplies for classes. All the notebooks, pencils, and pens were in such perfect condition it was had for me to use them because they would never be in such good condition again…

  87. Getting dressed up on the first day and our first marching band performance of the year. Now with my hubby working in college football my favorite part of its is the first game with the students back

  88. My favorite thing for BTS was always the smells, you know? The smell that came out of a brand new backpack, or the first time you open a fresh new notebook and even the woody and lead smell from opening a new box of pencils.

  89. My favorite thing about ‘back-to-school’ is the newness of everything—the promise that things would different.

  90. The best part is definitely getting new school supplies! Nothing beats the fun of picking out your new pens and paper. Second is buying the textbooks–I love the look of new and pristine textbooks!

  91. My favorite part of back-to-school was getting supplies for classes. All the notebooks, pencils, and pens were in such perfect condition it was hard for me to use them because they would never be in such good condition again…

  92. I love reorganizing my desk space and laptop. Figuring out how to make my real and digital space as useful as possible is really satisfying.

  93. I love that back-to-school time is a fresh start. I’m a professor, and I always like the fact that I can scrap my old syllabus and try something new!
    And a very close second is the school supplies.

  94. My favorite part about going back to school is getting the school supplies list and looking for stationary stuff in the store

  95. It was getting all my textbooks and exercise books ready – that meant wrapping them in plastic, writing my name and then putting them neatly in a stack. Then it was getting my school uniform, shoes and socks ready. I’m still in school (only that I’m a teacher now) and I have a similar routine, but this time, it involves more stationery that I don’t quite need but love to have. And that makes getting back to school all the better =)

  96. I loved getting everything organized and in its place…not that it lasted for very long. I also loved cracking open a new agenda book and listing all the fun things for that semester!

  97. My favorite part of going back to school is the introduction of a routine. I finally feel like i’m doing something productive again!!

  98. I looked forward to getting a new box of crayons (this was back in the day when the school provided all our school supplies). I loved coming into the classroom and finding my desk with my name tag on it.

  99. Smelling brand new pens, finding order in small things again after blissfull chaos of summer. And now, doing it all over again for my third child.

  100. I loved every bit of supplies from fresh new pencils, to loose leaf paper and a Trapper Keeper but notebooks, lined paper in spiral bound notebooks, that was what really made me squeal with joy!

  101. New school supplies – absolutely! This was pre-Target, when you bought your stuff in an old school bookstore that also sold office/school/art supplies. You bought pens one at a time … By high school I fell in love with the Shaffer ball points that my Mom used – refillable ink cartridges! Special stickers to decorate the folders and notebooks. The occasional denim-covered 3-ring-binder … Ahh!

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