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Pilot Envelope Pen Writing Sample

from-the-archivesI have been using the Pilot Envelope Pen in both the Fine and Extra Fine models for many years. These are rolleball pens. I’d most likely compare them in feel to a Pilot Precise V5 but a little bit slippier. The ink is silky smooth but because of the ink, the tip can get a little gunky. So why suffer a gunky tip? Because these pens are fine line AND waterproof and not prone to feather like a Sharpie Marker. In my writing test, the water test portion was wet with a water brush and dried. Not even a smudge!

The ink does have a bit of an odor but no worse than an alcohol-based markers and there may be some show through or bleed through on some papers but for envelopes or file folders, its not a big deal.

These do use ink quickly so buy two at a time. Stock up now before holiday card season.

Pilot Envelope Pen

I like the extra fine better for addressing envelopes since its easier to write long addresses small and neat. The fine is quite a bit broader.

Each model is just $2 and there is also a broad version and available from Jet Pens.

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  1. “Stock up now before holiday card season.” If only most people embraced this lovely way to keep in contact. There is nothing like getting “Good Mail.”

  2. I wrote you once for a recommendation for a good envelope pen for my cards and penpal envelopes and I picked up 2 of these and I really liked these! Nomore worries about using waterproof ink on them! Thanks so much!

  3. I love these pens for envelopes and postcards – would love a brown one 🙂 I have to be careful where I use them, my cat Meil loves to lick the ink after it’s on paper! needless to say the ink withstands her licks- I am just not too sure it’s healthy for her!

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