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I really like the idea of having office “toys”. When I was a manager, I would often cover conference room tables with Silly Putty eggs and jars full of Lego. I find it helps people forget they are in a big room feeling awkward. It can give people something to do with their hand besides check their phones for messages and I’d like to believe that doing something tactile can get you thinking more clearly.

So, I was intrigued by the idea of Office Putty. It’s targeted for the office — in a respectable tin in a pleasing blue color and in a good sized wad.

However, I think the $20US/$22CAD opening price point seems a bit steep for the product. Normally, Kickstarter prices are a bit lower than the final retail prices and this seems like a high price, even at retail.

I really want to support this project but it seems a bit too expensive for what it is. Is it just me? Is $20 for a big tin of putty resonable? Talk me into it.

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  1. It’s a good concept, but you’re right, the price is a little crazy. Who says you can’t use a stress relief ball to do the same thing? I guess it’s the fact that it can feel better than a ball and it molds and everything!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  2. I just bought some! I’m guessing it’s going to cost about $10 to ship to me, so $12 seems reasonable?

  3. Interesting! Because if you knit, something small and unobtrusive like a sock, people think you are disrespectful. But really it’s hand candy, keeping me focused.

    1. I totally agree. I remember a lot more in meetings if I am knitting on a sock though some people think I am less attentive. Maybe putty seems less demanding of one’s attention and therefore more acceptable?

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