Hands On: Karas Kustoms Cube

Karas Kustoms Cube

Just yesterday, I was talking about the latest Kickstarter project by Karas Kustoms and Mike Dudek, The Cube and, lo-and-behold, look what showed up on my doorstep!

The Cube is absolutely stunning to look at. It really is perfectly machined and the Delrin inserts fit cleanly giving a finished, professional look to the stand that honestly cannot be rivaled. There are rubber feet on the bottom that makes it look like its floating while keeping it from sliding around when adding or removing pens from the Cube.

Karas Kustoms Cube

I filled it with an assortment of aluminum, chrome and classic pens found scattered across my desk. From a small Kaweco Liliput to a large Lamy Studio, everything fit beautifully into the Cube.

Karas Kustoms Cube weight

As for the weight, it truly is a solid block of aluminum weighing in at just under two pounds.

Karas Kustoms Cube

There are still two weeks left to back this project. Funding levels start at $75 for one Cube, $140 for two and $205 for three. There are four vivid, anodized colors as well as silver. How do you ever pick just one?

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  1. May I ask what is the black pen front and centre?

    I have one of Mike Dudek’s walnut pen blocks with holes for 21 pens: the simplicity of great idea, and the order it can bring, can give a stupid kind of pleasure.

    1. Front and center is one of my vintage Esterbrook “double jewel” pens. You can find them on Ebay or check with Anderson Pens for restored options.

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