Uppercase Magazine 23: Calligraphy & Lettering Issue

Uppercase Magazine #23 Calligraphy Cover

I’ve always loved how much detail and thought goes into each issue of Uppercase magazine. Issue 23 holds a special place in my heart though. For one, the issue is all about calligraphy and lettering so every page is a treat.

Uppercase Magazine #23 Calligraphy Tag Team Tompkins

Also, my dear friends Tag Team Tompkins are featured in the issue in a two-page spread. And finally, I got the photo credit for their feature since I got to visit their studio and capture these two amazing ladies in their natural habitat.

Uppercase Magazine #23 Calligraphy Feature

If you’ve never checked out an issue of this beautifully crafted, independent magazine before, issue 23 is a perfect place to start.

Uppercase Magazine #23 Calligraphy Letraset

Right now, Uppercase is holding a “Stock Up Sale” and back issues are just $10 CAD each through Monday, Dec. 2 so this is the perfect time to grab an issue or two. Issue 17, the Stationery Issue, would also be a great first foray into the beautiful world of Uppercase.

Subscriptions make a great gift too!
In a wonderful act of kismet, I wrote this post days before Uppercase became a sponsor of this blog. Thanks to Uppercase for supporting The Well-Appointed Desk and thanks to all you fine readers who support our sponsors!

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  1. I went and ordered an issue, since this is the second or third time now I have seen a post about this magazine. I am very curious. At first I was taken back by the price! Wow. So I hope that this magazine is well worth it 🙂

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