Ka-Week-O! Review: Kaweco AL-Sport RAW

Kaweco AL-Sport RAW

The Kaweco AL-Sport in Raw is the same size and shape as the other Sport models but with a raw aluminum body with a high gloss finish. Its gorgeous in the hand.

Kaweco AL-Sport RAW & Aluminum Liliput

When compared with the brushed aluminum finish on Liliput, its obvious how much more polished the RAW AL-Sport is. Shiny!

The RAW finish will show scratches and patina with wear and pair beautifully with a leather notebook like a Midori Traveler so that they could age together.

Kaweco AL-Sport RAW M nib

This is my second medium nib on a Kaweco. I had a little trouble with the nib on this one out of the box. I removed it from the pen and rinsed it completely and that fixed the problem completely. I suspect that, with the aluminum finish, there may have been a bit more oil or some other lubricant on the pen that may have transferred to the nib so I definitely recommend rinsing this nib before inking it up for the first time.

Kaweco AL-Sport RAW writing sample

Once I got it going, this is another lovely medium nib. Its a bit stiffer than the medium nib on the Dia2 even though they are both steel nibs with an iridium tip. I definitely think that Kaweco medium nibs are not as broad as a comparable Lamy medium. Kaweco medium nibs are not as fine as Japanese nibs but not as broad as some other European medium nibs.

Kaweco AL-Sport RAW writing sample

The AL-Sport is definitely a more durable option compared with the plastic Sport models. If you’re looking for an Everyday Carry pen, you can’t get a better option than the AL-Sport.

If fountain pens aren’t your thing, the AL-Sport RAW is also available in rollerball version with a cap as well. Click models are available in pencil, ballpoint and the touch model with twist and clip.

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Kaweco for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I love this little beauty. I too had some initial issues. but mine required some adjustment and opening up of the medium nib. But it feels so robust, tight and well made. A BMW of fountain pens.

  2. Thanks for another concise and informative review. I’d think I’d go crazy polishing & wiping this pen all the time.

    A Kaweco Sport with the same finish as your fingernail polish would look pretty spiffy ….. I wonder how durable an ICE-Sported coated with it would be ? Sort of a Urushi-e Sport.

  3. I got one of these for my birthday last year (my bf is an excellent gift giver). I love it! I thought I would long for a finer nib, but I’ve been happy with the medium. This pen really looks great in person.

  4. I’d love to see any in use that have ‘patina’. If I can I will send a pic of mine. My problem is getting a decent picture of it.

  5. Wow, it’s lovely. Does your hand slip and slide when trying to hold the pen? It looks rather slippery, but I’m not actually sure if it is…

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