Ka-week-o! Review: Kaweco Dia 2 Fountain Pen M Nib

Kaweco Dia 2 Fountain Pen

I know Kaweco is pronounced “ca-vek-oh” but I thought it would be fun to play on the habit I have of saying “ca-week-oh” and start the first ever Kaweco Week – KA-WEEK-O!

To get the week started, I thought I’d show you a fountain pen I’ve always wanted to try: the Dia 2. Its got such beautifully classic looks. Kaweco hasn’t changed the physical look of this pen since it was introduced in the 1930s. It has the streamlined details inspired by the era, like the soft curve of the chromed brass clip, etched with the Kaweco script logo and decorative feather lines.

Kaweco Dia 2 Fountain Pen

At each end of the pen is the classic is Kaweco logo mark inlaid in chromed metal on the plastic. There is knurling at the ends of the pen which gives it a little grippy area and a functional but elegant look.

Kaweco Dia 2 Fountain Pen

There are some simple chrome rings around the base of the cap and on the ends of the pen which echo the look of all the streamlined designs from the 20s and 30s.

There is a simple stamped logo name on the cap, on the reverse side from the clip that simply states “KawecoDia Germany”.

Kaweco Dia 2 Fountain Pen

The nib is etched with the same decorative lines and text found on the Sport line and the nib is the same size. The nibs are not interchangeable from the Dia to a Sport, however.

Kaweco Dia 2 Fountain Pen

I’m a little ashamed to admit it but this is the first time I’ve used a medium nib on a Kaweco despite several people recommending it to me. The nib is buttery smooth and writes very well. There’s a little spring to the steel nib. It gives the writing experience a pleasing quality overall.

The Dia is a bit heavier than my usual go-to pens at 19gms unposted but, for me, is perfectly weighted for writing. Posted and filled the pen weighs 28gms. The Kaweco Student is 27gms capped but most of the weight feels like its in the chrome grip area to me, making it feel a little off balance when writing.

Kaweco Dia2 comparison
From top to bottom: Kaweco Student, Kaweco Dia2 and vintage Estrbrook

The Dia2 is just a hair longer than the Kaweco Student model and a little bit bigger overall than a vintage Esterbrook. I used to think a Pelikan M200 would be my dream pen but I’ve changed my mind. The Dia2 is my dream pen.

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Levenger for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. I had originally set aside the larger Kaweco pens, as I loved my Sports, but when I received this pen as a gift, my tune changed quickly. The nib was great, but man, the weight is what sold me! It’s perfect! Not too heavy, but substantial. I recommend this pen to everyone looking for an elegant, classy pen that feels great in the hand.

  2. If the Dia2’s nib unit is the same as the Student, then nibs are interchangeable with the Sport line. Nib and feed are friction fit in the nib unit, pull them out and you can fit an also friction fit Sport Nib. I’m currently using the Sport 1.1 italic in my Student

  3. The nib on the Dia2 has always bothered me. It looks too small for the pen. But I think Kaweco did this to use the same nib they use in their other pens.

    1. Sure, but I think it’s a well though-out decision because back in the 20’s and 30’s the nib sizes of fountain pens (whatever manufacturer) weren’t that huge. Kaweco really did everything right to avoid todays nib-gigantism and stay historically correct by choosing a smaller nib.

  4. I know some people are unsure about the nib size but if you compare this with the Montblanc Heritage which has the retractable nib I would say on balance of nib size to the body Size of that pen It is on par with the Dia 2. There has to be something Kaweko has done right with this pen as so many people love it and as much as I like a large nib on a pen , I can’t wait to get a Dia 2 in my collection as I’m reading so much good stuff about it.

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