Review: Kaweco Sport in Dark Brown

Kaweco Sport in Brown

I’m hard pressed to call this a review since my love for the Kaweco Sport has already been fairly well documented but, I thought I’d share with you the latest edition of the Kaweco Sport Classic in dark brown (17,95€), which is a limited edition color. So far, I think Fontoplumo is the only place that has these in stock but, fear not, they ship fast and reliably!

Kaweco Sport in Brown with Medium Nib

Like all the other standard Sport Classic pens, the dark brown edition is plastic and is available with gold hardware only but, if there was ever a color meant to be accented with gold, it would be the deep, rich, chocolate brown of this edition of the Kaweco Sport. It reminds me of a gold, foil-wrapped chocolate heart… which makes me think, this edition of the Kaweco Sport would make a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Kaweco Sport in Brown

Compared with my black Kaweco Guilooch 1935, there is a visible color difference. The Kaweco Sport in Brown is also sporting (pun!) the classic clip where the Guilloch is decked out with the new Sport N Clip. I like the utilitarion look of the Kaweco Sport Classics with the clips for the most part. They just look “dressed” like a man with a tie on.

Kaweco Sport in Brown

I’ve had mixed feelings about the Kaweco Sport medium nib but this one worked particularly well for me. It has a crisp angle that felt almost mini-stub-like.

Fountain Pen Weights

To keep with the theme of this chocolate-y pen, I filled it with a Private Reserve Chocolate cartridge (kind regards to Lanier Pens for sending it to me) and it was a very good match. I think I’ll write some Valentine’s Day cards with this combination.

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Fontoplumo for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. So… The classic Sports are a cunnudrom for me: they feel so light and plasticy in my hand, and I prefer the feel of the AL Sport line, but then again, they write so great!

    And one more thing – A good word for Frank in Fontoplumo: I have never met him, but he is great! he ships real fast, he’s a pleasure to do business with, and when I needed out of stock product – he was always quick with response!

  2. I was on the fence over this Kaweco. I wanted it, but not enough to order it from overseas. Today I searched for it at Fontoplumo, but sold out. Cult Pens still had it, so I finally decided to buy it. I got the broad nib.

    Your photos will help with picking the clip for it. I got a set of J Herbin scented ink for Christmas. Along your theme of chocolate and Valentines, putting the Rose ink in it would make it seem like chocolate covered cherries, or chocolate and orange with another of the scented inks. That or I have some The de Lie cartridges that might fit.

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