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Several months ago, someone asked about a notebook that combined lined and grid or blank and lined or some such combination. I’m not sure if this is exactly what they were searching for but Cognitive Surplus has a series of hardcover notebooks that contain paper that is lined on the right hand sheet and grid on the left hand sheet. The covers feature archival illustrations in a myriad of colors. The books are 6.5″x8.9″ and inside the books have 100% recycled paper stock and 80 pages. Each book is $15.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this find. I am very happy to see that they also have very artfully done wall hangings, like the periodic table. Being a chemist and a woman, I love using my stationary products to encourage my young relatives and all young people to take an interest in science and math. Also, because the sciences can be a difficult place for women to advance, due to the wrong assumption that only men are good at math and science, I just like to broadcast that I am a woman who is good at math and science because what math and science take is a passion to overcome your personal belief and find out the truth, irregardless of popular opinion. Popular opinion can be exceedingly wrong.

    1. Thanks so much, Snowflakeschance, for sharing your math and science passion. I want it to be acceptable for women to be scientists, mathematicians, video game designers and programmers, astronauts, fire fighters, politicians and anything else that want to be.

      If I hadn’t gone into design, I would have pursued library science or botany. Turns out, design is a blend of spatial relations, mechanics and color theory. Still science. Yeah, science!

  2. Have you written in one of these notebooks? I can not find the weight of the paper on their website. I really need the crustacean notebook, the insect notebook, . . actually all of the natural history and the river delta notebooks. Since I write with either fountain pen or a pencil it would be nice to see a writing review.

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