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Since returning from the Atlanta Pen Show, the health of our beloved cat Milo continued to decline to the point where we had to say goodbye to him yesterday. Nine months ago he had an accident that had left his back half paralyzed and this lead to further complications in his overall health and well-being. We were hoping and praying that he might recover from his injuries but in the end, age and infirmity made him more and more uncomfortable. Even the vet said we had done more for him than most people would have and he lived a much longer, happier life as a result of our vigilant care.

That said, I was beside myself with sadness yesterday and today. Hopefully, regular pen, ink and paper-related posts will resume tomorrow and your patience and understanding in the delay is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Ana, my thoughts and sympaty goes out to you and your family at this sad time. May good memories of Milo’s life stay with you and hopefully bring a smile once in a while.

  2. Ana, my wife & I send our sympathy to you & yours over the lose of Milo. Several years ago I was layed up in bed for an extended time after back surgery. I had become addicted to pain medicine & was coming off the drug, going through horrible withdrawls. My precious little cat, Chandler, never left my side even though he too was sick with cancer.
    After my long battle with the addiction I was finally able to get out of my bed. Shortly thereafter we had to send him to a better place. Since then we have adopted three more cats, all found on the streets. They are a handful and we love them all.
    We wish you the best in your time of need.
    Sandy & Mike

  3. So heart breaking. You were so good to Milo. It’s really hard to explain this kind of grief to people who haven’t experienced it. Sending you prayers.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Milo. It is always difficult to say goodbye to a fur baby. Wishing you happy memories and know you gave little Milo a wonderful life!

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