News: Pelle Notebooks and Blackwing Subscriptions

Yafa Monteverde Pelle Journals

Did you know Yafa is listing a Monteverde Pelle refillable journal listed on their site now? Does this mean that Pelle is back in business and working with Monteverde? Exciting news if, like me, you really liked the Pelle version of this popular leather notebook system.

Blackwing Volumes is a new collectible subscription service that provides subscribers with a dozen limited-edition, custom-designed Blackwing pencils, four times a year. Subscribers will receive an additional collector’s pencil, sealed and labeled for archiving, with each set and a guarantee to receive each release, even if they sell out to non-subscribers.

Subscriptions are $99 per year, plus shipping and can be purchased at


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  1. Thanks for discovering & reporting about the Pelle products. My optimistic self says, hooray; my pessimistic one says, it’s just NOS that Monteverde (or Yafa) managed to acquire. Either way, I ordered some Medium refills that will temporarily stop my having to cut down Midori inserts to fit. Again, thanks.

  2. I have a medium Pelle journal, and I find that the Clairefontaine 4 x 6″ notebooks fit in there really, really nicely. (I like Clairefontaine.) The ones that are smaller (staple bound) fit best. I usually put one of these and another type of notebook that is slightly smaller in mine.

    I can’t recall who recommended this, but I found out about it on one of the blogs.

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