Edison Nouveau Premiere 2013 Special Edition

Edison Nouveau Premiere 2013

In Atlanta, I mentioned I’d never tried an Edison pen and when I returned home, my pal Kasey (AKA Punkey) had kindly sent me his Edison Nouveau Premiere to try out. This particular model is the limited edition Macassar Ebonite model that was sold through Goulet Pens in 2013. The coloring reminds me of wood grain in warm coffee and cream swirls. What was most surprising was how light the material was. The ebonite feels different from plastic, both lighter and more rigid. It also has a slightly matte appearance, not a glossy sheen. It made the pen feel warmer.

Edison Nouveau Premiere 2013

Edison Nouveau Premiere 2013

The stock F nib is two-toned and looks good with the pen and the coordinating gold-tone clip. Its a good quality nib and the writing experience was smooth and comfortable albeit a bit wet and wide for me. I would have preferred an EF nib but borrowers can’t be too picky.

Edison Nouveau Premiere 2013

Fountain Pen Weights

Unposted, the Ebonite Premiere weighs just 12gms. That’s lighter than a plastic Kaweco but its a full-sized pen. Even posted, the Premiere is 19gms. Pretty impressive. For me, it was more comfrtable to write witht he pen unposted and its measures 5.125″ unposted. Posted its a whopping 7″ long and a wee bit top heavy.

Edison Nouveau Premiere 2013

I was highly impressed with my whole experience with the Edison Nouveau Premiere. The lightweight ebonite material made a larger pen comfortable, even in my little tiny hands. The craftmanship is impeccable and I am definitely going to be in the market for my own Premiere. Maybe that gorgeous lilac acrylic version currently available at Goulet? I found Mary’s review of last year’s Cherry Blossom edition and the pen is equally lightweight in acrylic. Sweet!

Big thanks to Kasey for letting me try this pen.

The pen was tested on Rhodia Uni Blank No. 18 pad with a 7mm guide sheet underneath and Diamine Twilight blue black ink.

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  1. Hi Ana. Glad you liked your experience with the Edison. I have an Edison Menlo in a light purple swirl that acts like a demonstrator. It has that lightweight feel. The color choices at Edison Pens is amazing. I love that Edison is a made in America pen.

    If any of your readers are on the fence, do try an Edison pen. They are well-made, lovely to look at and write well.

    I’m right-handed and like the stub and italic nibs. So my Edison is equipped with that type of nib.

  2. Glad you liked it, I have had only great experiences with Brian and his Edison line. I have 4 and one custom. The custom road has so many options it can be overwhelming but Brian steps you through with great support. He checks every nib going out so you like a little dryer experience just let him know.

  3. I have two custom Edison pens and they are indeed awesome in every way. If you get a standard rather than custom pen from Indy-Pen-Dance they do tune each nib before shipping but I don’t know whether that includes making it wetter or drier to customer request or not. For custom pens Brian will make the nib exactly to your specs.

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