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Are you sick of my Link image? Would you like to see something new? A different image every week? I’d post images from my favorite posts but I got in trouble for not asking permission and I don’t have enough time to wait for permission before posting other people’s images so I am not going to do that. Please give me some suggestions on things you might like to see make this list of links a little more exciting. Thanks!

Fountain Pens:




Paper & Notebooks:

Other Interesting Things:

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  1. hey Ana,
    Why not showcase someone’s art or lettering or hobonichi page. People could submit and you could have a backlog of stuff. Throw others some traffic maybe?

  2. If you want some new and varied images for your site all you need to do is ask people to send you pictures THEY have taken of their office, their pens, their momentos etc. Ask them to include a note with the picture saying you have theri permission to use it and have them verify they took the picture…didn’t obtain it from another source.

  3. Where does one buy Noodler’s Purple “Martian”? I would really dig some extra-terrestrial ink. ;b

  4. That’s probably Purple Martin, not Martian (though now I want that ink!).

    Thanks for these link collections – makes a nice afternoon break to look at one.

  5. Thank you for the inclusion in this great link set! Yep, it’s Purple Martin, but Purple Martian sounds like a cool color! 😀 Thanks again 🙂

  6. I vote to keep the Link photo. It makes me smile since my husband likes Zelda. He enlightened me to the fact that the elf is named Link and not Zelda as I always thought growing up. I like the dual use with the photo and post content.

  7. I don’t mind your usual links logo at all; it’s cute. If you wanted to mix it up maybe you could have smaller individual logos for each category of links — pens, fountain pens, notebooks, pencils, etc. That would break up the long string of type a bit and make it easy for skimmers to find only the categories they are interested in (some people don’t care about pencils; others don’t care about notebooks, maybe).

  8. I never mind you using my images with a link, just FYI 😉 (I’m Giftie Etcetera), but I understand your dilemma. I like your pencil person, but I’m sure fans of Link Love can come up with something awesome.

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