Review: Franklin Christoph Pocket 66 Ice Fountain Pen

Franklin Christoph Pocket 66 Ice

I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to share details of the Franklin-Christoph Pocket 66 Ice that I purchased at the Atlanta Pen Show. Being able to try every single Franklin-Christoph nib and pen body at the show was such a great experience and Lori from Franklin-Christoph was a great enabler too. She carried her Pocket 66 proudly all weekend, eyedropper filled with Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Gaki which looked like a little writing lava lamp. Sold!

Franklin Christoph Pocket 66 Ice

I ended up choosing the standard medium italic nib and also eyedropper filling my Pocket 66. This maximizes the ink capacity and looks super cool, especially with brighter, vivid ink colors. For these photos, I filled my Pocket 66 with Pelikan Edelstein Tourmaline, a bright fuchsia.

Franklin Christoph Pocket 66 Ice

The Pocket 66 Ice is clear polished acrylic but the inside of the cap and body have a frosted finish giving the pen its unique look. I like to just slosh ink around in the reservoir and watch the color.

Franklin Christoph Pocket 66 Ice

The Medium Italic nib is a custom ground nib by Mike Masuyama which is available directly from Franklin-Christoph and is a nominal upcharge from the standard nibs. The medium italic  glides easily across the paper! Its lovely to use.

Franklin Christoph Pocket 66 Ice

The pen measures 5 inches capped and 4.75″ uncapped. The cap posts easily and make the Pocket 66 5.5 inches long. The pen is lightweight at 15 gms capped and filled and 13 gms filled without the cap.

Franklin Christoph Pocket 66 Ice

Franklin-Christoph pens ship with a leather zip pouch which is one of the most useful extras I’ve ever gotten with a fountain pen.

The price for this configuration is $164.50 but a standard nib makes the pen a little less expensive and an 18K nib will increase the price but not nearly as much as other pen manufacturers. If you have a chance to try the F-C nib testing station at a pen show, I highly recommend it as a great way to find just the right nib and pen body combination for you.

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  1. I have this pen with the music nib, as well as a full sized 66 with the needlepoint. Both are excellent, great writers, striking visually, I cannot say enough about how well made they are.

    Plus they are made on America, and have excellent customer service. I could not ask or expect more out of a company.

  2. I have to say, F-C has perfect customer service. I had a problem with a pen ordered, and Lori guided me through the exchange process with such enthusiasm, I felt as if I was in a pen show!

    1. Eyedropper pens are pretty easy to clean so far. I just rinsed the body out and flushed the nib. I added a touch more silicone grease to the threads after filling again. Easy peasy.

      1. what about filling it with an ink with Sheen like, jHerbin Emerald of Chivor? Will the flecks catch on the inner barrel, you think?

        1. It might…. it would take a little bit of work to clean.

          The inner body of the ice barrel is not smooth, which is how it gets that finish.

          You could email Franklin Christoph, I am sure they would have an answer.

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