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Agendio is a new planner system that just launched. Agendio offers an array of customization as you order your planner on their step-by-step site. You can choose weekly or monthly planners (or the combination) in three sizes: from large desk size (8.5×11″ closed), medium (7×9.3″ closed) and journal (5.5×7″ closed). For the weekly planners you can then select from a column layout, a row layout or a grid layout and then get even more grandual and select section headers, spans, time formatting, holidays by country and/or religion, font styles and colors.

Agendio Planner

You can choose when you want your planner to start (if can even start in November if you want!) and what day you want your weeks to start — on Monday or on Thursday — yes, its that flexible.

One of the most interesting options offered is the flexible fields (Agendio calls them Divisibles). They are set up so they can be sub-divided and labelled as you need them. Are you juggling school and a job and need to divide information and tasks between those two categories? You can label your fields accordingly. Do you prefer to divide your daily tasks between family members’ activities? You can label the fields that way instead. In my case, I wanted to label fields for work, home and the blog (AKA my OTHER job). I loved that I was able to set up the sections accordingly.

Agendio Planner

You can add in you own recurring events too. Do you have a weekly meeting every Tuesday? Have it added to the planner at printing. You can even add a special event, birthdays, anniversaries or other events you want to include.

Agendio Planner

The Agendio uses 60lb/90gsm smooth white paper which is above-average quality paper. It might not survive the super juiciest fountain pens but should work well with most rollerballs, ballpoints, gels and highlighters. The Agendio books are bound with white double o-ring wires and covered with a leather-look hard cover material that lays flat and is durable (all while being non-cow). There are six different cover colors to choose from and I can’t decide which one I like best.

Prices range between about $35 and $50 or so depending on your size and level of customization but adding event and activities, divisibles or changing fonts or colors does not increase costs. Prices only go up if you go to a larger size, combine weekly AND monthly calendars, or add add-ons. Compared with systems like the Erin Condren and others the prices for the Agendio is almost half the price and just a tiny bit higher than an off-the-shelf Moleskine planner.

There are some additional add-ons like a pocket and vertical elastic (available in a variety of colors for some cover options like the black cover) for a reasonable added cost (about $2-$3 each).

Agendio is estimating shipping in 5-10 days after placing an order so plan accordingly. Maybe order the December start rather than the November. But again, that is wicked fast turnaround. I’ve heard people wait 4-6 weeks for planners from some of the other custom planner companies so jump in fast before they get swamped!

Agendio Planner

For diehard ring-bound planner users, Agendio will be offering their fully customizable sheets as refills for A5 Filofaxes and 7-hole Franklin Covey Classic and Day-Timer Desk sizes but those are not available yet. You can leave your email address with them and they will contact you around November 28 to order your custom pages for 2015.

I’ll be ordering one this week once I sort out all my options and then I’ll have a full review. If anyone decides to try one too, please let me know what you think. I’m dying to hear how these perform while I anxiously await mine.

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  1. It’s that time of the year again when many people are looking for planners / calendars that will serve as guides for them for the following year. It’s nice to find planners that can help you function systematically. These are the supplies that will definitely help you stay organized. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mine arrived today!
    I’m not quite sure how I even came about finding out about Agendio because I’m not a big planner. I’ve used Moleskine in the past but with the horizontal style layout it just wasn’t working for List girl here.

    A couple things– Shipping was FAST for me. Very impressed by that.
    They did miss a minor label on my monthly layout, but that’s not a huge deal.
    They did also miss including a place marker, so I did contact them about that and I’m just waiting to hear back.

    But wow. What a beauty. I’m very excited to start using it to it’s full potential, but I have to wait until January. I ordered it to start then as I didn’t think it would even arrive before Christmas.
    I’m still a little rusty in the planner department but I will get used to it. I ordered the largest size and I’m sort of regretting getting it so big, perhaps medium would have suited me better. But who knows until I actually start to use it.
    Primarily I got a more serious planner because I’m going back to school. This book will still fit easily into my “school bag” but is a bit too big to be considered a purse planner. I don’t know that I really need it outside of the house/school though. I don’t find myself using my planner when going out so the size might not really be an issue after all.

    I’m excited to see your review on it. I think I want to make a video review, as I found those to be most helpful when trying to decide on planners. (Erin Condren has a plethora of videos about their planners and I nearly got one of those instead.)

    1. I thought I would just share on here that Agendio did indeed respond to me and were happy to help me out with the very small bumps in my order.
      Regardless of those bumps I was, and am, a very happy customer with their product!! I’m positive that the issue was just a fluke, and I’m really impressed with their customer care.

      Loving the planner, the size is not a bother and I’m very excited to start using it when my classes begin.

  3. Was SO psyched to order my Agendio that I stayed-up, literally all night adding all my special days to the database. I was just about to pull the trigger when “Hey! No tabs on the months!” I need speed when I’m jumping all over my planner checking and adding appointments for the future. I can’t do that without tabs. I’ve left all my data in my account and when they add tabs, I’ll order.

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