Hot Off The Press: I Got Sh*t To Do Notepads

"Shit to do" notepads

After an impassioned conversation with my husband about how I wanted a really good notepad to put into my planner that went something like this:

“I need a really good notepad… you know with a tear-off glue edge to make lists?”

“For what?”

“Because I … well, I got shit to do!”

“That’s what it should say!”

“Well, then, let’s make them. But its got to have good paper for fountain pens and they need to glue along the left hand side so I can put it in my Hobonichi or my Filofax… or even my Midori!”

“Well, hon, go measure them and I’ll print them for you.”

"Shit to do" notepads

Voila! We made notepads. And when I told other people about them they said they would want some too. So, we made enough to sell them. We made some glued on the top because some people like that too.

"Shit to do" notepads

And it worked. The pads are 3.5″x6″ and contain 40 pages. They fit into a Hobonichi Techo, a Midori Traveler’s Notebook (original size), a personal size Filofax (or other planner of similar size) and even in an A5 sized planner. It will slide into the back pocket of a Moleskine-style gusset pocket as well.

"Shit to do" notepads

The paper is 70lb bright white with cement grey lines spaced 6mm apart. The artwork is letterpress printed by Skylab Letterpress right here in Kansas City with materials made in the US. And if you want to buy one of your own, hop over to my Big Cartel shop. We made a limited run to see if there would be interest in the product. If we get good response, we’ll be printing other, potentially more PG designs in the future.


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  1. Sweeeeet! I miss those days when I could design and print my own pads (had a small print shop for 20+ years). Looks nice! And I love the resurgence of letterpress. Printing is such a great craft.

    1. It passed my medium italic Franklin-Christoph test loaded with a mystery red ink. I’ve also tested the paper with an assortment of other pens with good results. So, I’d give it a fountain pen “friendly” rating. I don’t know how well it would perform with dip nibs but most medium and fine nibs should do just fine.

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