Vendredi a la Mode: Paris, Je T’aime


After the tragedy in Paris last week, I started to think about how much the pen community is inspired and influenced by French culture. From J. Herbin to  Clairefontaine, there does seem to be a love of the French influence.There’s also lots of stationery embellished with the Eiffel Tower and other icons. I, myself, have always wanted to visit France and Paris in particular. So far, the closest I’ve gotten was a short stop at the Charles de Gaulle Airport on my way to Italy. I did get to buy water and an Eiffel Tower trinket and practice speaking to the clerk in French which went okay but my accent must have been bad because she immediately spoke English. I still said “Merci” so all was well.

Anyway, I still want to visit Paris, despite the tragedies this week. I will not be scared away. I want to visit the Louvre and the epic art supply shop, Sennelier. I want to drink coffees in street cafes and watch the people walk by. I want to listen to the French language and try to pick out the few words I know.

  • Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen – Retro Pop Red, Medium $15 (via Goulet Pens)
  • Retro 51 Tornado Classic Lacquer Rollerball in Stainless $25 (via Anderson Pens)
  • Zebra SL-F1 Mini 0.7 mm Ballpoint Pen in White with Black Ink $5 (via JetPens)
  • Ogiva Cocktail Blue Angel 14kt Fine Extra Flessibile Fountain Pen $394.95 (via Goldspot Pens)
  • Kaweco ART Sport Fountain Pen $81 (via Pen Chalet)
  • Palomino Blackwing Pearl Pencils $21.95 per dozen (via
  • Lamy AL-star ocean blue fountain pen € 26,90 (via Fontoplumo)
  • Kyokuto French Classic Notebook, B5, Ruled in Blue $6 (via JetPens)
  • Dear Maison Eiffel Tower Double-Sided Notebook, A5 (15x21cm) Ruled $6.95 (via Notemaker)
  • Sara Midda’s South of France: A Sketchbook $20.39 (via Amazon)
  • J. Herbin Mini Ink in Bleu Azur (Azure Blue) $4.75 (via JetPens)
  • Galison Paris Magnetic Bookmarks $5.75 (via JetPens)
  • De Atramentis Herbs de Provence (35ml Bottle) $14.95 (via Goulet Pens)
  • G. Lalo Calligraphy Pad A5 in White $15.95 (via Notemaker)
  • Exacompta Basic Journal in Black with Lined Paper and Silver Edge $16 (via Goulet Pens)
  • Paris in Color book $12.18 (via Amazon)

And finally, I have been looking for a way to help those most affected by what happened in Paris and I found this article in the Huffington Post about some crowdfunding campaigns aimed to help the families who lost loved ones in the attacks. The hardest part of reading these stories is seeing the individual faces of innocent people who had no political agenda for being out on a Friday night. If you’d like to help out in other ways, please consider making a donation to the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders.



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    1. Did I forget the link? Its from Notemaker. Its a G. Lalo Calligraphie Pad. I’ve added in the link! Sorry about that, it was late last night when I posted this and I was getting sleepy.

  1. France is my favorite country on earth, and Paris is one of my favorite cities. I have so much Paris and French-themed stationery, and when I go back in a week I plan on hitting up some stationery stores!

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