DC Pen Show Goodies Round-Up & SF Pen Show Prep


I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to finally be able to write up the “haul” part of the DC Supershow post. I really didn’t buy a lot of stuff in DC. Amazingly, it was mostly inks and paper. I still came home with a ton of goodies!




Swag & Misc. Goodies:

  • Aurora Pocket Notebook
  • Aurora Pen Nib Paper Clip
  • MurberDraws Printed M&Ms
  • Fountain Pen Day Button
  • Fountain Pen Day Bookmark
  • Pen Addict Button
  • Music Note Tea Spoon Infuser

Not Pictured: Robert Oster Aqua Ink (I left it at work) that I bought from Federalist Pens and my Cross Century II Selectip Rollerball which was laser engraved with “The Well-Appointed Desk” by Goldspot Pens that took a walk at the KC Comic Con last week. It was a lovely shade of supersuit blue too.

Thanks to all my friends who brought me treats and goodies and everyone who brought treats and goodies to Brad, Lisa, Father Kyle and Matt as well which were graciously shared amongst us all throughout the weekend. The doughnuts were particularly amazing!

I’ve started the “packing” part for the San Francisco International Pen Show. It’s all happening so fast! I will be hopping on a jet plane (or two) on Thursday morning and heading to San Francisco for the SF Pen Show this weekend. I’ll be attending the Pen Addict Meetup on Friday Night (7-9pm) and helping out the Anderson Pens table on Saturday but this trip will be mostly leisurely. Since I’m working on Saturday, I’ll miss the Planner Meet-Up on Saturday afternoon so I hope someone attends and takes lots of pictures. I would love to see what everyone is using. Or at least, bring your planner, Traveler’s Notebook or Bullet Journal to the bar later so I can live vicariously later. I’ll be checking in with the Pen Addict Slack Pen Show thread so feel free to PM me there or earburn me if you’re looking for a doodle buddy at the bar.

I’m bringing what’s left of my red/blue pencils to SF, so if you would like one, find me at the Blogger Meet-Up on Friday and say “weirdo” to score one. I don’t have a ton left so find me early to get one.

On Sunday, Amanda McKay is hosting a letter writing social which sounds fun. And Michael Sull will be teaching Spencerian Script. If you have the time and the chance, take his classes. He’s amazing. You can find the whole seminar schedule here.

My shopping plans for SF are not extensive. There are a few vintage pens I’d like to look for and I’d like to play with the ink testing station. This year the ink testing station will have 686 inks to try! But mostly, I’m looking forward to meeting people and spending time with like minded people. It really does make the miles and the long hours or work that I put in worth it.

Leave a note in the comments if you’ll be at the show and let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to bring for you to check out.

Also, if you would like anything from my shop to be hand delivered place your order before Wednesday at 10pm CST and use the SFPICKUP for free shipping thanks to my luggage (fingers crossed that SWAir gets me and my bag to SF in a timely fashion).

PS: My suitcase will also be transporting other artistic awesomeness for the pen show so be prepared!

Some items were gifts. Other items were purchased with my own money. Links are provided to vendors where they were either purchased or from whom they were provided (when available) as a courtesy should you want to purchase them yourself. When I do more extensive reviews I will be more specific as to which items were purchased and which were gifts. Mostly, I just wanted to show all my fun stuff.

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  1. I’ve only been to one pen show. I guess we travel to them vicariously with you once you blog about them. Is there any way to buy or get Fountain Pen Day items?

  2. I have that same Regal pen and wish it had a finer nib-what kind of extra fine did you buy? Does it have to come from Regal? Couldn’t find one on their site.

    1. It’s called the “Alice” Pen in Turquoise from the Regal Classic line. We are also a Regal Dealer. You can buy that pen (other colors!) at our site! Our link is above in the article under Robert Oster Ink. Frank-Federalist Pens

        1. You can swap out the nib that yours came with. Regal is just releasing the new EF nibs and they should be available through their web site and your favorite retailers soon. I’ll keep you posted when I know more.

  3. Hey Ana! I’m one of your silent readers who will be attending the SF Pen Show! I’m so excited to meet you and hopefully Brad, too! I haven’t actually gotten around to joining the Pen Addict Slack, but I will try.

    I’ve listened to every episode of the Art Supply Posse and I absolutely love it! Keep doing the work you guys are doing. As for things you could bring…. your sketchbook maybe? I would be so happy to see your art!

    1. Joanna! I am so excited to get to meet you too. And I will make a special point to pack one of my sketchbooks. I won’t be hard to miss in a crowd. My hair is pinker than ever!

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