Ink Crate Subscription Service: July 2016 Crate

Ink Crate July 2016

After the end of the Goulet Ink Sample subscription service, Ink Drop, I know a lot of people, myself included had been missing a little monthly ink infusion. Well, thankfully, someone stepped up to take up the reigns of the ink sampling empire. Ink Crate is a new ink sample subscription service created to be the successor to the gap left in our hearts and our ink cabinets by the closing of Ink Drop. Luke Dolan launched the service in July and it offers five bottles of 2ml of ink in each of its signature “crates” each month.

Ink Crate July 2016

The inks provided in the first kit was a nice variety of what I suspect were favorites. J. Herbin Lie de The, Noodler’s Army Green, Noodler’s Dragon’s Napalm, Pilot Iroshizuku Amo Iro,  and Diamine Majestic Purple. The kit included an extra milliliter of one or two of the ink colors randomly added as a bonus to some subscribers.

Ink Crate July 2016

Its a good variety of colors and a great start to the Ink Crate subscription. If you haven’t subscribed to an ink sampling service, this would be a great chance to get started. I do hope that future kits will be seasonally or subject-matter themed just because I enjoy that. Theming kits by topics like autumn colors in September or October, document or permanent inks for a month, maybe fluorescent or shading inks, etc. But starting off with a solid range of appealing colors was a good approach. These are all great options.

Hopefully, in the future, there is also either a partnership with a specific shop or some other way to purchase full bottles of ink should someone love a particular color. Even just recommendations for best sources to acquire different brands.

The last component of the subscription is the option to fill out a survey for the next month to help select colors. I haven’t had a chance to fill out my survey yet but I’m looking forward to putting my suggestions into the proper channels.

Ink Crate July 2016

An Ink Crate subscription costs $10 per month plus shipping (update: $3.99 worldwide at the moment). For readers of The Desk, you are lucky! You can use a special $2 off coupon on your first month by using the code: WELLAPPOINTEDDESK. Coupon code is valid until September 22nd, 2016 so you’ll need to sign up soon.

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Ink Crate for the purpose of review. I am, however, now a paying subscriber! Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I looked into this, but they’re charging $1 more for 5 samples than Goulet charges for 8. And Goulet has a “random” option. So while I’m glad someone’s picked up the subscription idea, I don’t feel it’s worth the money.

      1. That is with shipping. I checked this out literally yesterday and they were going to charge me $3.99 shipping within the US.

  2. Dumb question from a noob: How do you get the ink into the pen? I’ve only done cartridges. I get samples like this in my iPenbox and they’re just adding up.

    1. You can get a pack of a dozen crafting syringes, with the needle points, very inexpensively on Amazon, but if I were you, I would check on Jet for an ink converter for your particular pen. Most of my fountain pens came with a converter, but the few who didn’t i bought the converter. They arenot very expensive and saves you from dealing with the syringes. If there isn’t a converter available for your pen, they can tell you how to convert it yourself with just a tiny ‘O’ ring and some white grease. It works fine o an old Levengers pen I have.
      I get the iPens monthly sub too. Did you love the Lamy dark Violet fountain pen they had in the May box? It’s my NE favorite…for the moment! Hope this helped!

    2. If your pen takes a converter, you can fill the converter (it is a lot easier to do with a syringe than just using the small ink vial but even straight filling from the vial is possible with some dexterity).

      1. Ok, so I read the entire text of the images post and see that it is a Sean Newton nib holder. Off I hit yo research a possible new purchase. And this just a month before the Toronto Pen Show. Ggrrr to the Desk… 😉

  3. I signed up with your code just a few minutes ago!
    Between the iPens monthly and this ink monthly, I am a very happy camper. Plus, every other month I am doing the “jetpens wishlist box”, like a certain blogger did when she wasn’t ready to try more subscriptions.
    Oh, I forgot the Sci-Fi NerdBlock subscription I also get. But this is the last one. I swear!

  4. I can see why the shipping charges might make you grind your teeth if you are in the US but it is amazing for me (Canadian). In example, Goulet charges me $10.50 shipping for a six ink package priced at $8.12. Yup. Welcome to my world. This is the most reasonable shipping charge I have ever seen. Will be subscribing for sure.

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