Link Love: Pencil Diversity, DC Pen Show & Click Bait!

Link artwork by Chris Grine, illustrator of the web comic Wicked Crispy.
Link artwork by Chris Grine, illustrator of the web comic Wicked Crispy.

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Its been a week of hot-button discussions surrounding the next editions of the Blackwing Volumes and the hopes that women and minorities might be represented in future editions. That said, I suspect that the next edition is well through production already so if Blackwing has not addressed folks concerns about gender and ethnic diversity yet, I’m sure its on their radar now. So, I hope everyone puts the torches away for the time being. I am sure that all the Volumes editions have been done with the best intentions and the fact that collectors are so passionate about having all their heroes represented will only ignite Blackwing to be even more conscientious in the future about making sure that they, too, represent a diverse cultural group while continuing to meet our exceedingly high expectations for good quality products. In the meantime, check out some of the suggestions for future Volumes from the Erasable gents and others in the pencil community:



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  1. You are so right Ana, that political correct Blackwing stuff got a bit crazy for a stationery blog. As a fellow blogger as much as I like the traffic I’m not sure I want that kind of traffic.

  2. That Blackwing Volumes P.C. stuff is not only Gender Obsessed, it is down right Racist. What’s next “Comply or Else” threats? Why did you have to give that poison a louder voice?

    1. I was hoping that my comments would help to quiet the grumblings a little and also make folks aware that the discussion has been made. I hadn’t realized the fever pitch it had reached until yesterday so I’m sorry if I stirred the pot. (Too many metaphors, sorry!)

  3. That Blackwing debacle really is spiraling out of hand. At the end of the day they’re just pencils, and you don’t have to buy them if you don’t want to. Yet some people want to find anger in whatever place they can find. The people coming out of the woodwork pointing nasty fingers about how liking a slightly more diverse pencil lineup is “racist” is truly… bizarre. Next they’ll be calling wanting 1 woman in 6 male-dedicated editions sexist! Women? In MY stationery? Unbelievable! 😉

    Thank you Ana for sharing those lovely links! I don’t usually use pencils, but I think the Blackwing editions are pretty cool. I, too, would love to see more minorities represented across all media, even if it’s something as small as a pencil.

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