Art Supply Posse Ep. 19: Leap Without a Net

This week on Art Supply Posse, discuss our Inktober projects, Big Magic, Learn-to-Draw books and listener feedback. We pour it all in, add ice, a dash of bitters, shake, and garnish with a lime. We serve it up in a Collins glass with snacks and a bowl of links.

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And just so you know, we won’t be recording an episode next week as Heather and I are both on vacation. So this episode runs a little long… enjoy our babbling, catch up on some back episodes or use the extra time to check out Magic Lessons while you wait for our next episode.

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  1. Greetings. I was the “learn to draw” commenter you mentioned today (I think). Specifically, I was looking for books that are extremely guided/structured, beginner-friendly, and stylized. I already have Ed Emberely’s books and I also love Gemma Corrrell’s. Thank you for the Marion Deucher recommendation. The book you mentioned looks both beautiful and fun. I’ve been listening to your podcast from the beginning and look forward to every episode. Thank you for your work and also addressing my questions.

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