Off The Grid: Up To My Ears In Fluff


Just wanted to let everyone know I’m taking a little vacation. I’ll be off the grid in upstate New York for the rest of the week, communing with knitters, nature and hopefully a few alpacas like my friend above at the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival. Hope you all can survive without me and don’t steal the hubcaps off the blog while I’m gone.

I’ll be back next week for a late edition of Link Love and some much-anticipated pen and ink reviews. I’ll do my best to keep up my Inktober drawings while I’m gone so check out my Instagram. I’ll try to post if I get any cell reception or if I can squeeze any bandwidth from the other enthusiastic social media mavens.

Day 2 "A is also for Alpaca"

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    1. Thanks! I had to clarify that when I said New York I didn’t meanNew York City. And yes, we will be in the Hudson Valley near Kingston.

    1. Thanks for keeping an eye on the hub caps. Now if we could just keep the well-appointed mister from rearranging the studio!

  1. The greatest alpaca line, EVER, is in Billy Wilder’s movie, “Double Indemnity.” UNFORGETTABLE!


    ~ Jack

  2. Oh, I’ve never been to Rhinebeck (MDSW was local to us) but it sounds like so much fun. Have a great time and just wallow n th fluff. That’s what I would do.

  3. Wouldn’t the better thought be what colour(s) will the hubcaps be when you get back?

    Cheer have a great vacation….

  4. Awww! Have a wonderful time! Alpaca’s are just the best and so soothing for the soul <3 (I actually got kissed by an alpaca too once, they are so cute and friendly 🙂

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