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I was fortunate enough to get in on a group buy for the Kaweco Skyline Sport in Lagoon and Mint that was a limited edition for the City Super shop in Hong Kong. It arrived a couple weeks ago, just before my travel explosion so I am just now getting a chance to post photos of it. Its a classic Kaweco Sport in plastic but the Lagoon color is a brighter turquoise blue green than the Mint that was available in Europe and the US. The grip section of the the Lagoon model is Mint but as you can see, the cap and barrel are much brighter making the mint look almost arctic.


My model shipped with a fine nib, my favorite, and I always love the scrollwork on the Kaweco nibs.


I filled it with a crazy contrasting KWZ Andrinople from my customized laser-etched bottle (Thank you very much, Vanness Pens!)


So, really, this post isn’t much more than showing off since the pen is probably completely unavailable at this point.

It has made me aware that Kaweco is making special editions for specific markets. That means, if you are a collector of Kaweco (or potentially any other brand of pen) it is worth keeping an eye and an ear open because I suspect that this sort of trend is bound to continue. It makes specific shops a destination and creates buzz for brands by making even more collectibility with special colors or designs. The flurry of activity and enthusiasm around getting these limited Lagoon Sports was crazy. It really is about time Kaweco got into the limited color editions that Lamy and Retro 51 has been doing for so long.

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  1. I agree with you on Kaweco marketing more like Lamy. I ordered the dark brown version from the U.K. to get that one. I’d rather order from U.S. companies.

    The Lagoon version is cool looking. Congratulations on scoring one.

  2. The Kaweco special edition that I’ve always coveted is the tortoiseshell ART Sport, but this one is a close second! I’m seeing some FP people that received their Lagoon Skyline Sport engraved with their names and that makes me even more jealous!

  3. Can I ask who the group by was with? It’s a very pretty color combo, and I wish I’d known about the group buy.

    1. If you live in Hong Kong, or know someone who does, you can check at CitySuper to see if they still have any in stock.

        1. CitySuper is a large grocery store with a stationery shop inside it. Imagine Trader Joe’s and Target kind of smooshed together. It was absolute heaven for expats because it has a whole section of European foods and a big stationery department. I blew a ton of money there when I was in Hong Kong. I got my Kawecoe pen through a friend who actually lives in Hong Kong so there is not an online source to order it.

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