Fountain Pen Day Giveaway!


In honor of Fountain Pen Day, I’ve been collecting goodies all year to give away. So here goes:

  1. Kaweco Sport ICE Black with a Fine Nib from direct from Kaweco (new in box).
  2. Delta Virtuosa with Medium Nib (recently tested and reviewed here on the blog. This is the pen I tested here. It will be cleaned, returned to the box and shipped with all its original packaging in good-as-new condition and will include some ink samples form my collection).
  3. $25 E-Gift Certificate for JetPens.
  4. Nock Co Fishing Vest enamel pin and sticker.
  5. Well-Appointed Desk rubber stamp assortment and “Sh*t to Do” notepad.
  6. Fountain Pen Day Swag Package including stickers, buttons, bookmarks and more collected from pen shows throughout the year (rare and limited edition goodies included).

TO ENTER: Please leave a comment and tell me what you are planning to do to celebrate Fountain Pen Day (FYI: It’s this Friday!)

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Thursday, November 3, 2016. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Friday (FPD!!!). Winners will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). I’ll pick the numbers in order, first number will get the Kaweco, second the Delta and so on…

Please include your REAL email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone β€” pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 14 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO addresses only please this time since I’m shipping merchandise. Next time, I promise to open it up to all my international readers.

BIG THANKS: to Kaweco, JetPens, Nock Co, Fountain Pen Day, Pen Chalet and all my awesome sponsors who have provided samples, products and support all year. Send them some love!

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  1. For FPD, I’m going to ink-up a gold nib Parker 51 that I scored on Ebay and recently had checked out at the Fountain Pen Hospital (which brought no small measure of relief).

  2. I’ll be writing with a VP with a Masuyama worked nib. I might have to break down and order a new fountain pen to add to the collection, too!

  3. I think I will clean and re-ink the 2 pens I use at the office with a funky color in honor of the day.

  4. I plan to write every day in November and will use a fountain pen on Friday,. Perhaps I’ll even order a fountain pen of my own! (I usually use my husband’s)

  5. I will be fishing in Sanibel, FL, with my current old and tattered fishing vest and jotting notes about my catch in my Field Notes using a pen that hopefully has not run out of ink!

  6. If all goes well, camped out in my local coffee house with my iPod, notebook, and two or three pens, scribbling several hours away.


  7. I am running low on variety in my ink samples so I think Friday will be a good time to take inventory and plan a list of things to buy/try.

  8. I will be using my new M800 Tortoise to prepare a lecture on Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”

  9. In honor of Fountain Pen Day I am going to use my LAMY AL Star 2015 Copper Orange Limited Edition F nib that my boyfriend brought me back from Germany last year. He didn’t even know what he was buying – just knew it was a fountain pen. Oh, and I’ll be wearing my Pen Addict t-shirt, also. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I am celebrating by looking at all the great sales that will occur, and probably buying more pen related stuff I may or may not need…

  11. I’ll probably buy a new ink this week and ink up a few pens in different colors and draw random suff

  12. I plan to write all day long with my various fountain pens. Then to take stock of which cartridges I need. Finally, find a guide to using a converter so I can use ink from a jar!

  13. I’m going to write some letters with my TWISBI Eco clear and post a drawing I’ll make using my Noodler’s Ahab to Facebook πŸ™‚

  14. I’ll celebrate by using, like I do every day, a fountain pen. My Lamy everyday pen is starting to show its age, so maybe I’ll shop for a new pen today too. Too bad you’re not giving away a Nakaya Decapod, now that would be a great way to celebrate Fountain Pen day.

  15. That’s the day I’ll get my Edison Nouveau Fall 2016 from Goulet Pens, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be inking it up with something seasonal (Momiji? Autumn Oak?) and writing a letter with it.

  16. I will be at a School Librarian’s conference on Friday, so I will be taking copious notes with my Lamy Safaris (I have 8 in different colors), my Pilot Metropolitans (2 of those) and my Kaweco Sport in mint. Inevitably, people want to borrow my pens, which makes me cringe, so I’ll need to bring some throw-away ballpoints to share.

  17. I will more than likely be writing a sermon for the following Sunday. I write my notes in my own version of calligraphy so of course I use either Ahab or ECO.

  18. I’m going to leave notes all over the house for my kids–using my fountain pen and written in long hand. Maybe I’ll offer a reward for the first to correctly decode one of their “secret messages.” Hmmmmm….

  19. I am working (at a LYS) on Fountain Pen Day, however, I’ll be wearing my official t-shirt.

  20. I’m going to crack into a brand spanking new Seven Seas notebook and that I plan to use as my commonplace book for the next 1+ year.

  21. This probably sounds boring, but I’m going to do a clean sweep to make sure all my fountain pens are flushed and filled with beautiful ink. Then I will be ready for another year of fountain-pen fun.

  22. I’m planning on visiting the local pen store (Appointments) and buy a new Kaweco Traveler case to hold my Sports.

  23. I’ve been making Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) to trade with my artsy friends. I’ll be incorporating one of my pens to write captions instead of using pre-made words. Sounds easy, but when you have handwriting like me, it’s a leap of faith.

  24. Well, I wish I could say that I would be using a fountain pen on Fountain Pen Day, but I don’t actually own one. That is why it would be so terrific if I won this contest!!

  25. My plan for FPD is to enter as many contests for FP giveaways as I possibly can, since I’m on a pen-buying hiatus til xmas.

  26. Wow, Ana! Thanks for the giveaway!

    This Fountain Pen Day I’ll be celebrating the joyous occasion by wearing the great FP Day t-shirt I got last year and finally undertaking the Great Organization of the Ink Drawer that I have been putting off forever – swatch testing all of my ink samples and bring some order to a drawer full of chaos.

  27. I’be been posting a pic of a single pen or pencil every day this week on Facebook and Twitter saying happy fountain pen day 2016! Also I dedicate a different instrument for every school course or work task I” doing.

  28. I plan to use my fountain pens for note-taking, perhaps inking up my grandfather’s Parker 75, and to explain to my very patient family what Fountain Pen Day is.

  29. I plan to use my Lamy Joy and TWSBI clear Ecco with Ben Bernake Blue to continue my Liz Steele foundations course.

  30. in preparation for NFD, i bought 6 bottles of ink (YES, SIX). they should arrive by thursday, so i plan on spending the day testing out the new inks as i write letters to friends and update my planner / journal. πŸ™‚

  31. To celebrate I will take some time to write and send old fashioned letters to my daughter and son.

  32. I plan to clean out my low ink fountain pens. I’ve been re-inking them instead of cleaning.

  33. Well, I didn’t KNOW Friday is Pen Day. But now that I do, I think it’s a good day to clean all my fountain pens. So there.

  34. I am buying a Pilot Metropolitan and bottle of ink for my neice to introduce her to fountain pens. She already. Also, I plan on inking up my FC pen with some new ink which I’ll be using for the rock your handwriting challenge.

    1. I will spend my Founain Pen day writing at work with my favorite pens in anticipation of that extra hour of sleep I will get on Saturday.

  35. I’ll be having all of my currently-inked pens at work, with some decent copy paper from home, for co-workers to try, and generally taking on the role of enabler πŸ™‚

  36. I have letters that I need to write to soldiers overseas – so will be writing my letters with my fountain pens (LAMY, Pilot Metro and probably a Jinhao)

    Thank you for the great giveaway

  37. I will be in an all-day conference, and I already have my fountain pens and ink packed and ready to go.

  38. I’ll be spending fountain pen day poll watching for Hillary. Less pen-centric than usual, but it’s really meaningful and important.

  39. I’ll be spending fountain pen day writing down my thoughts on how happy I am writing with a fountain pen rather than with an awful ballpoint!

  40. Thanks for doing this!!

    I will mark this august occasion by inking my EDC Decimo F with Diamine Teal, a new and slightly off-the-beaten-track color for me. Time to rock something different!!

  41. I’m going to buy something, probably some ink. I’m also going to wish all my friends a Happy Fountain Pen day, much to their amusement.

  42. I will spend Fountain Pen Day cleaning the early 1960s Sheaffer Imperial pen (burgundy with a gold band) that I “borrowed” from my mom some years back. Maybe I’ll even return it.

  43. To celebrate, I will… write with fountain pens! (In particular, I’ll take one with my on my business trip, which I don’t always do when there’s airplanes involved.)

  44. I have a job interview, so I’m planning on prepping for that. Prep (notes) will be made using a fountain pen, but I’ll be taking a rollerball to the interview just in case I need to fill out any forms.

  45. I’m going to celebrate by using fountain pens of course. I’ll be at school, so notes! πŸ™‚

  46. I plan to send 3 postcards to my Postcrossing list and one letter to my penpal on Friday- National Fountain Pen day.

    1. Eep, I forgot my ‘what I’m gonna do’. I’m going to clean and re-ink a few pens. I’ve been lazy lately and only have a Platinum inked with a cartridge so it’s about time to break out the colors.

  47. I will be spending Fountain Pen Day working and trying to catch up on the word count I’m already behind on for NaNoWriMo.

  48. Thank you for the reminder. I had planned to spend the day baking for a tea, but now I will take time to write a letter with my fountain pen.

  49. I think I’ll ink up a few more pens from my too-large collection and spend my day writing in obnoxiously bright colors!

  50. During the day I will be enjoying the use of a fountain pen to take notes at work (FPD should be national holiday so we don’t have to work…). In the evening, I plan to start a letter to a new pen pal.

    Thanks for the giveaway and the wonderful blog posts!

  51. I’ll be browsing sales, trawling eBay for parts pens, and washing out a few pens to re-ink later.

  52. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

    This Friday I plan on writing everything in fountain pen that day and practicing my Super Fancy handwriting.

  53. I will spend part of the day working on my fountain pen technique. I just bought my first fountain pen, very excited!

  54. I’m going to write. My daily book writing time will be split between my Lamy Nexx and my Vanishing Point. If I get wild and crazy, I’ll write a letter!

  55. I’m going to work on some writing projects, expound the joys of fountain pen use on social media, and try to convince my wife that this hobby doesn’t make me insane.

    Probably all while wearing my Pen Addict t-shirt.

  56. I’ll head downtown to the pen shop & look for a new bottle of ink — something fun and out of the ordinary.

  57. I will be trolling the web for new and unusual fountain pens and ink and notebooks, and doing a bit of calligraphy on a wedding certificate for a newly wed couple (with a fountain pen, of course!).

  58. I’ve got a letter from a new pen pal in South Africa that needs a response, so I’m going to pick a special pen and ink and finally get that letter written.

  59. I move on Thursday (stress!!) so Friday I will be pen organizing (zen!!)! Just me, pens, paper and tea. Bliss.

  60. On Fountain Pen Day I will take my fountains pens to work even though we have crappy paper and use them on the crappy paper. Also I will post a pic of my pen collection on Facebook so everyone can drool over their beauty! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  61. Will be preparing to hopefully attend the Texas Book Festival here in Austin, TX. Maybe send my daughter a postcard – try to do once a week. She’s a senior in nursing school at Texas A&M.

  62. I just recevied a new bottle of MB Irish Green ink to use in a letter I will write on Friday.

  63. Unfortunately, there are no stores that sell fountain pens in my town, so I am just going to be sitting at home using my pens to write!

  64. I am waiting for a new Safari to arrive in the mail. I hope to be able to ink it up and use it for my morning pages this Friday!

  65. I’m planning to send off another nib for a custom grind and I’m SUPER excited about it!

  66. Celebrating Fountain Pen Day by rocking both of my Pilot VP’s at work – I usually use pencils and gel/ballpoint pens.

  67. I’ll celebrate by an extra long journal entry on the beauties of fountain pens in a digital age.

  68. I am going to teach my office mate how to use a fountain pen. He had never seen one until this week.

  69. I intend to just keep on writing.
    With all of the goodies here how could anyone ever stop.


  70. Finally getting around to loading up my Vanishing Point stub nib with J. Herbin Caroube de Chypre Ink and working on my italic.

  71. I will take my fancy pen to work and make people write with it. Also I will make a ink drawing to #aspink to make it look like if finished more in Inktober.

  72. Thanks for the giveaway(s)! I’m going to ink up a couple of favorite pens and use them all day long. I haven’t decided which ones yet, or which inks. Stay tuned!

  73. I’ll be at a conference all day and taking notes – probably with my brushed aluminum Karas Kustom with medium nib and J. Herbin’s Rouge Hematite!

  74. I plan to finish two letters to close friends with a mix of currently inked fountain pens. I’ll also be posting to Instagram pics of pens and inks I’m currently using.

  75. I’m hoping to get some much needed work done on my short story, using my Pelikan, Sheaffer, and Lamy fountain pens of course! Switching inks and pens does well to keep my interest on the paper for long periods of time. πŸ™‚

  76. I am going to use my fountain pen to grade my calculus exams and hopefully write lots of messages like “Excellent!” and “Great job!”

    1. I loved my teachers’ comments on my papers simply because they were written in fountain pen! Southerners held on to their pens long after ball points invaded but not long enough in my opinion. πŸ™‚ I couldn’t afford my first fp until long after they were out of fashion.

      I hope you’ll convert and bring another fp lover or three to the fold. πŸ™‚

  77. I plan to spend some quality time with my kids creating things with fountain pens and ink and teaching them more about how fountain pens work.

  78. I will use my Pilot Decimo fine point filled with Diamine Ancient Copper to complete a section of my life journal paying homage to my mother. And then clean some of the fountain pens that are currently in use and change some ink colors to “spice” things up a bit!

  79. Mostly I’ll follow the usual routine of teaching and meeting with students, but I’ll make sure to mention the festive day in my classes. Should I plan to load up my shirt pocket with as many pens as it can hold?

  80. I work in healthcare, so I’ll be using my fountain pen to scratch out patient notes. Even a simple task like that can be kept classy.

  81. I’m going to have a fountain pen cleaning day! Some of my pens haven’t been cleaned in a while and probably need it.

  82. I plan to try out a new ink I have just gotten my hands on. Probably going to take it to school to take notes in

  83. On Fountain Pen Day I will clean ALL pens that are waiting to be cleaned, and I will straighten up my desk and better organize my pens, ink, and pads.

  84. In honor of Fountain Pen Day I will do all my work in every color of the rainbow! Thank goodness I work with children!

  85. I’m going to don my Fountain Pen Day tee shirt (bought just a month or so ago from the official FPD eBay shop), tuck my traveler’s notebook and Sheaffer NoNonsense into my jacket pocket, and finally make my pilgrimage to the Fountain Pen Hospital in NYC. I work right across the river in Hoboken, but haven’t managed to make the time to visit. That oversight gets corrected on Friday.

  86. I will be hanging out with one of my best friends and we will be visiting various stationery shops and writing fun stuff with our fountain pens!

  87. I’ll celebrate by wearing my fountain pen day shirt, using my favorite pen and ink all day, and overall being a fountain pen evangelist.

  88. I gave stationery for my “Christmas in July.” I’m giving fountain pens and dip pen sets for the holidays. My first fountain pen was a 98 cents Schaffer. I never stopped dreaming of owning an expensive fine-writing instrument yet now own three inexpensive fp.

    My teachers all wrote with fountain pens that had a uniform black body with rubber bladders, and I believed those pens made their handwriting uniform and beautiful too. Little did I know that the penmanship classes I loved would shape my hand to mimic theirs; then I developed my own style. Who knew I’d go on to learn to draw with a fountain pen as an artist?

    Fountain pens make writing easier now that I’m aging and my fingers ache from ghostly premonitions of arthritis-waiting-to-come? Still I write on.

    Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  89. I recently ordered pretty Thanksgiving cards. I might start writing them out Friday evening. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  90. On Fountain Pen Day, I’ll be cleaning my Pilot Decimo and refilling with my favorite ink (Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-peki). Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  91. I plan on writing some letters and giving away some fountain pens to beginners. Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. The simple answer is by inking up my pens and sending off some notes. However, I am trying to create an interest in fountain pens within my circle of friends . . . . so it’s a great opportunity to promote pens, ink, and paper to them through social media sharing and posting on my personal blog.

  93. I’m planing on giving away a couple of fountain pens to my dear ones and ink and use a new pen i got this past weekend.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. I will be taking some very fancy notes during my Dungeons and Dragons game. Or possibly instead writing a Welcome Baby card as one of my friends is about to become a father any day, which will mean the session is cancelled. I’m thinking of inking up my TWSBI Eco with Robert Oster Green Green since the pen is almost out of ink.

  95. I would begin addressing my Christmas card envelopes as I do this time every year. It is so nice to get this done ahead of time so that I have time to really enjoy the holidays.

  96. I’ll celebrate Fountain Pen Day using my mother’s 1950’s Esterbrook fountain pen. She did clerical work before leaving to get married and raise 7 children. I’m new to the fountain world – but what better way to get started using a vintage pen used by mom!

  97. Great way to celebrate the Day.
    I plan on celebrating by using a host of fountain pens and several different ink colors.

  98. I will probably write and doodle with my fountain pens all day, then clean and re-ink them πŸ™‚

  99. Wow this is so exciting! I think I will make thank you cards for some of my professors with fountain pens on friday!!

  100. I’m going to write the great American novel, or the perfect poem, but probably some mindless drivel.

    1. Hopefully (depending on work, dang it) I plan to finally embark on a small project I have to create an artistic piece of writing to scan and then print on a coffee mug, which I will give as a present to a dear friend of mine!

  101. I plan to work on Nanowrimo and probably also go purchase some size 5 double points because I have a baby hat to finish and the circulars just aren’t going to cut it!

  102. I’m going to write a note to Matt Armstrong to thank him for re-awakening my interest in fountain pens and for the incredible care he puts into his reviews and videos.

  103. On Fountain Pen Day, I will probably sit down for an hour with my pens, a sketchbook, and a mug of coffee. Thank you for the giveaway!

  104. I’m planning to clean out some pens and re-ink some older pens that I haven’t used in a while. Maybe do an ink trade with some friends. Happy fountain pen day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. I plan on loading up my fishing vest with all of my favorite fountain pens (who am I kidding, they’re all my favorite) and then sharing the glory with everyone I encounter.

  106. I plan to write soley with my fountain pen, so that I can clear space for new ink colors.

  107. Yahoo fountain pen day! I’m going to ink up a pen and write out my plan for thanksgiving- who is coming, way we’re eating, how to get it all done, and some ideas for getting a good conversation about gratitude started.

  108. I plan on dragging the full handful of Preppies to work to let kids try out and because I’m a sucker, almost inevitably keep. It’s too much fun to see how fascinated they are by nibs!

  109. I’m going to lay out all of my beautiful fountain pens and stare at them. Then I’ll write some gibberish in one of my beautiful notebooks that says the name of the pen, the ink color and how much I love it!

  110. I will clean out all my pens, then set up the next go around. i’m going to reorganize my inks, and use something I haven’t tried yet — the KWZ inks I bought at the DC pen show.

    I’m also going to wear my FPD T-shirt to work πŸ™‚

  111. I plan to use my Kaweco all day at work (desk-sitting that day!) and I’m looking forward to it. Thanks!

  112. I’ll be flushing my TWSBI Mini that I picked up at the Colorado Pen show & filling it with a new ink.

  113. I’ll be writing in my Rhodia journal with my Noodler’s Konrad filled with iroshizuku tsuki-yo ink. How much better can it get?

    Perhaps I’ll ink my Edison with Noodler’s Nightshade!

  114. I think I’ll put aside my pencils that day and find ways to use my Fountain Pens at work and perhaps write a letter or two in the evening…

  115. I’m so looking forward to sketching with a fountain pen Friday (if not sooner)! I limited myself to markers and brush pens all last month for Inktober, and I miss my FPs!

  116. I’ll be doing Christmas shopping on Fountain Pen Day for family members who’ve gotten into fountain pens this year.

  117. My wife and I are spending the day picking inks and inking up pens! Other pen-related festivities will then commence πŸ™‚

  118. I will be practicing my cursive on my homework in Noodler’s Big Bad Heron with a jumbo cup of coffee.

  119. My friend is a fountain pen addict. She has been pushing me to drive into the world of fountain pens. It’s happening Friday!

  120. Hmmm. I haven’t used a fountain pen since college, and then it was a dip pen for drawing. So I think I’ll see about getting one of them critters and fill up some notebooks.

  121. I will spend the entire day studying for a law exam I have the next day. But I’ll definitely be using my fountain pens to study!

  122. Thanks for this contest!

    As for how I am going to celebrate Fountain Pen Day, I am going to do a nice and thorough cleaning of all the pens I have used and to re-ink them with inks I have never matched with them before along with updating my ink journal. There have been quite a few inks added to the collection.

  123. I will conspicuously display all my currently-inked pens at work, and post show-off-y pics to all my social media accounts! ;D

  124. I’ll be having dinner with a friend, who introduced me to fountain pens almost three years ago! Thanks for setting up the giveaway, it’s very nice!

  125. Gonna be using my pens to take notes in my studies and readings like I usually do. Might ink up a pen with a fall color!

  126. Thanks for the opportunity to win these fabulous treats! If I’m the lucky winner I will write loving, encouraging notes to be placed in my nephew’s lunchbox for a week. He’s such a great kid!

  127. I shall be writing a letter to my wife the night before. Then leave it, so that she wakes to find it. Telling her, how much I appreciate her and all the things she does, using my favorite pen, an Edison Pen and the best penmanship I can muster,

  128. I’m taking a bunch of my fountain pens and notepads over to Girl’s Night, and I’m going to introduce a bunch of my friends to the joys of this hobby.

  129. I’m going to celebrate by doing a big inking of pens I haven’t used in a while! Also have some goodies for friends that were curious about fountain pens to give out also.

  130. On Fountain Pen Day I am going to clean and flush all my fountain pens (HUGE job …) and fill some of them with new ink colors I have been collecting over the last few months. I L-O-V-E new ink!

  131. I will be spending the evening with some pen friends, with some chit chat and fun for the night!

  132. I celebrated Fountain Pen Day by making drawings of all of my fountain pens in my journal. Also, I gifted a Pilot Metropolitan to a friend who has expressed interest in writing/drawing with fountain pens!

  133. I will write a few letters to family members who live far away. The challenge will be deciding which pen to use for which letter.

  134. National Fountain Pen Day, who knew? Now that I do I will do all of my writing in the office with my circa 1990 Waterman and when I get home try to get that one that just won’t flow working.

  135. I’m going to pull out pens I’ve not used in a very long time, and bring to work with me instead of my usual ones. Will also bring a pen to give away and if anyone mentions I’m using a fountain pen, I’ll give it to them.

  136. Unfortunately I will be working, but I plan on writing quite a few of my pen pal letters during my lunch break that day to celebrate. Really love using fountain pens for my every day writing and just fun overall.

  137. Friday’s are casual day at the office, so I normally carry my Render K in my jeans pocket. On FPD I will by carrying around one of my fountain pens, just not sure which one yet…

  138. Thanks for doing the give-away Ana. I am planning to give away some pens and good paper to friends and students to mark Fountain Pen Day.

  139. At work i have gathered 4 fountain pen friends for a lunchtime fountain pen bonanza.
    Everyone will bring in ALL their fountain pens and favorite inks for a “show and try”.
    Now to decide what treat to give away…

  140. For Fountain Pen Day I will use my PR ink mixing kit to formulate new colors based upon Waterman inks.

    Green and red make gray, right?

  141. I am going to use one of my fountain pens to write a poem entitled, “Ode to my Fountain Pen.”

  142. I plan on writing my wife a letter as well as posting on social media about the day.

  143. I’m planning on doing a thorough cleaning of all my pens and possibly buying some new inks.

  144. I am hoping to take a little road trip to a pen/paper store I’ve heard about. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll still be using my fountain pens that day. I’ve already mentioned the day to family and friends.

  145. Besides using my two fountain pens, I plan on getting the other two I have ‘up and running’. But the on Saturday….a full day of calligraphy! With a friend. We are taking a 7 hour class on the basics and creating a little book of our work to take home.

  146. I’m planning on inking my pens and writing post cards from Chicago to my family. I’ll probably have to use Cubbie Blue ink though.

  147. I’m going buy a new pen and ink up an old one. Then I’m going to lurk around antique stores looking for a vintage bargain.

  148. I will be writing and relaxing all day on the last few days of a year long overseas deployment. I will probably enjoy a cigar also.

  149. I will pay a visit to Robert Mason here in Columbus and spend a happy lunch hour browsing and looking at all the lovely paper and pens. I may buy some ink and a notebook, but it will depend on what I see.

  150. I don’t have a fountain pen yet; I am hoping for one for Christmas! Looking forward to trying one out in my Hobonichi. I will spend Fountain Pen Day checking your wonderful blog to see if I won the giveaway! Thanks as always for this great blog and for the giveaway!

  151. I’m going to celebrate by writing a letter to my Mom -she’ll be thrilled to see I haven’t forgotten how to write πŸ™‚

  152. For this pen day I’m going to get dressed up and go to my University Semi-Formal with a pen in my suit coat pocket.

  153. I am hoping to be using my new Pilot Custom 823! I say “hope” because Amazon will only tell me that it will arrive “by November 16th.” ;-;

  154. On Fountain Pen Day, I want to check on all of my pens to find any that are quietly clogging with dried ink and give them a good bath. Once I have them out I will probably write a long overdue letter or two.

  155. I will start with my normal Friday night routine and pour myself a vodka martini and then present my four year-old daughter the Pilot Kakuno I ordered her so she can have her very own “fancy pen” like Daddy’s.

  156. I’ll ink up one of my better pens and hope to reintroduce some of my students to the concept of countain pens!

  157. I’ll be wearing my second FPD pin while deciding on which pen to use. My most recent purchase or a pen that hasn’t seen enough love lately.

  158. I’m celebrating Fountain Pen Day all week! I reinked a couple of pens I hadn’t used (and fell in love with my Lamy Safari for the first time!). I’m also using my fountain pens to write little notes to all my friends to stick in the mail on Fountain Pen Day. πŸ™‚

  159. Long overdue pen maintenance and cleaning day. Also going to do a mustache themed drawing a day in November after having so much fun with Inktober.

  160. I’ll be using my pens at work, wearing my FPD shirt that I got last year and spreading the fountain pen love to everyone I see. πŸ™‚

  161. Hi There! I am gonna celebrate FPD by bringing all my pens to work and let my lab-mates try them!
    I have already converted two people to the hobby this way!

  162. Fountain Pen Day? That’s every day, right?

    In honor of an “official” day…I will write my new favorite cocktail recipe onto a 3×5 index card with my favorite fountain pen and ink.

    The cocktail? A Jarnac Sour with orange bitters.

  163. Attempt to fix my TWISBI Eco – the piston mechanism fell apart when trying to fill it with some gorgeous gummiberry ink this morning πŸ™

  164. Thank you for the opportunity! On Friday, when I get home from work, I’ll open a bottle of wine and my journal and get to writing!

  165. I plan to clean up my two Pilot Metropolitan fountain pens that have been languishing unused. I just received a pen case from Jet Pens and need to get the fountain pens ready to come to work every day.

  166. I am going to do two things: first give to some coworkers Platinum Preppies, and I will ink my top 5 pens and have lots of fun!

  167. I’ll get some time this Friday to myself at the Prelinger Library, and I’ll be working on some sketches for an upcoming project. Planning to use my Pilot Namiki to draw some maps.

  168. I am planning on taking all of my fountain pens to work and letting everyone come and have a look at the variety there is available and try to get more people using fountain pens.

  169. I’ll be traveling Friday, but hopefully I’ll find the time to visit Fahrney’s Pens – that’s where I bought my first fountain pen, so it seems like the best place to celebrate!

  170. I’m going to spend the day writing my first novel, in an Apica CD15, using a fountain pen and various shades of green or dark red inks.

  171. I think I will pick three of my favorite pens and three of my favorite inks and write some long over due pen pal letters.

  172. For most of October I’ve been drawing with a dip pen and other ink products (Inktober).

    Howver, I have not tried drawing with a Fountain pen. I’ll give it a go this Friday (FPD).

  173. I will be carrying several inked pens in my shirt pocket including at least one inexpensive one that I can offer to let people try (without cringing when they start writing).

  174. I will be setting some time aside to practice my FP flex writing style. I hope to find a new pen on sale to add to my collection as well! πŸ™‚

  175. I’m planning to sit down with my three year old daughter to write letters to her grandparents.

  176. Happy Fountain Pen Day! I told my boss I’m going to take the day off to celebrate. She’s a gel pen user and she was not amused.

  177. Unfortunately I have a midterm on Friday, but I will be celebrating by taking the test with my Pilot Metropolitan (Fine)!

  178. Sadly, I will be working all day (though I will have my trusty Pilot Metro and Rhodia notebook with me).

    I think I may order a new pen from my local shop during my lunch break, though. It’s been a while.

  179. I’m be showing off my collection of fountain pens to my middle school students. Got to get them started early!

  180. I will be carrying all my pens with me all day! I decided also that’s the day I will work up the courage to put a flex nib on my new Jinhao x750. And I may buy some ink to celebrate!

  181. I’ll be WriMo-ing (probably working with a Lamy 2k, probably in yama dori ink!)…

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  182. I will spend my day hoping that somewhere somehow I have won one of the many fountain pen day giveaways!

  183. I will be writing all of my class notes, as well as my daily NaNoWriMo with a vintage Esterbrook! Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  184. I will be cleaning all of my pens and probably spending more money than I should on new ones!

  185. I’m going to spend some quality time with my fountain pens to hand-write words for my NaNoWriMo novel!

  186. I will be celebrating Fountain Pen Day by practicing Italic handwriting by writing Spanish lessons with a Pilot 78g pen in a Japanese notebook.

  187. I know that I will be going out to get myself a new fountain pen and bottle of ink. There is no better way to celebrate Fountain Pen Day.

  188. I finally found a local shop where they sell fountain pens, so I’m planning on making my first trip there!

  189. I have a test tube holder that holds 16 test tubes – or 16 inexpensive fountain pens! I’m loading it up, setting it out on a low bookshelf in our reading room, and letting students see what all the fuss is about (and maybe giving away a few of the Hero pens I have.) Such fun!

  190. This fountain pen day I’m writing a couple of holiday cards. And buying two more fountain pens.

  191. I will be putting together a fountain pen gift package to send to a friend of mine who just ordered her first fountain pen! I’m giving her a few ink samples and a couple pocket notebooks.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  192. Write in my C.D. Notebook with my Kara Kustoms Ink pen inked up with Diamine Chocolate Brown.

  193. Using my pens! Ha. No shopping for me this year since I’m hitting up the Ohio pen show the next Friday.

  194. I’m gonna use my Waterman with medium nib to scribble some nonsense in my Midori while watching my toddler chew on his crayons.

  195. Other than using one of my…ahem…several inked up pens, I’ll be packing to leave for Egypt on Saturday morning.

  196. I’m introducing my colleagues to the world of fountain pens! I’ve got a cup of Hero 616’s set aside all inked up and ready to go for them to try out.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  197. I’ll be celebrating by writing with my pens!!!

    I’ll also spread the word through social media, and let my friends/coworkers IRL know about the big day.

  198. I plan to sign my cousins guest book as he is getting married on Fountain Pen Day and post a photo of my two FPs and bottled Ink on IG and Facebook to celebrate.

  199. I had no idea there WAS a Fountain Pen Day! How exciting is that!? I think I will most likely celebrate by cracking out some as-yet-untried ink and taking it for a spin in my as-yet-pristine 2017 Hobonichi! πŸ˜€

  200. I’ll be using my pens and, hopefully, celebrating with a new pen courtesy of the Well-Appointed Desk.

  201. I have been “refurbishing” an old fountain pen for a friend who started a hobby as a script writer, and has never had an opportunity to use a fountain pen.

    For me… I’m testing the pen before I give it away…

  202. Happy Fountain Pen Day! Going to clean and put fresh ink in my pens and maybe do a little nib tuning here and there. You know, spend some quality time with my pens on their special day πŸ™‚ Thank you for this great giveaway!!

  203. As my birthday is 11-2 I am celebrating with my birthday present to myself – Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age Maxi fountain pen with stub nib and Montblanc JFK navy blue ink. I’m writing a lot of letters to friends.

  204. I’ll celebrate by inking up my italic-nibbed pen for the first time in a while, and writing.

  205. I have reconnected with a close high school friend and we’ve been exchanging letters. It’s been a great excuse to pull out some of my best pens and ink to send happy mail.

  206. I’m going to dedicate some time to giving my pens TLC–cleaning them, inking them, etc. (And wishing I could;ve been at a pen show for some FPD swag.)

  207. I’m going to follow two pieces of advice: “take wandering outdoor walks, so that the mind might be nourished and refreshed by the open air and deep breathing,” followed by: “Write.” Credit to Seneca and Dan Wells, respectively.

    Thank you for keeping us up-to-date, and Happy Fountain Pen Day! πŸ™‚

  208. On Fountain Pen Day I’ll be chained to my desk working on Excel worksheets (but I will be signing off on expense reports with my Montblanc 144!).

  209. I’m going to do a giveaway of my own on my blog, and then I’ll probably do as much writing as I can – especially in my Traveler’s Notebook, which I’ve been horrible about using!

  210. For fountain pen day me and my friends are having an ink-themed party and swapping ink. Cheesy, huh? πŸ™‚

  211. I will be creating my Christmas list with a list of new pens, inks, and notepads. Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  212. Hello! Happy Fountain Pen Day! Since NaNoWriMo is going, I will be writing my butt off on Friday. What’s a better way to spend Fountain Pen Day then writing with my fountain pens, nonstop?

  213. I’m going to ink up my new Ohto Dude pen with some samples from a recent iPen box. Can’t wait to use this new pen!

  214. I’m going to take notes in class with all (2) of my pens — and hopefully convince some more people at my college to go with fountain pens! Definitely going to bust out some fun ink colors as well.

  215. I’m celebrating by starting a new Bullet Journal and trying out some new inks with my Edison Glenmont 1.1mm stub.

  216. I will be making holiday gifts for my friends, which will be notebooks and leather covers (handmade by me), and “starter” fountain pens, so that I might make believers out of them too.

    I’m sure I’ll also spend a significant portion of the day at my desk with a fountain pen in my hand and my orange tabby cat in my lap. She likes to make sure I’m not slacking on my correspondence.

  217. I’ll celebrate by carrying ONLY a fountain pen on Friday – I’m a sketchers and normally carry a variety of mark makers. Right now, I’m thinking my Noodler’s Ahab fine filled with Lexington Gray should work well!

  218. I think I’ll celebrate by updating my ink journal with the 10 ink samples I just received in the mail!
    In addition, National Novel Writing Month is in its first week, so I plan to enjoying handwriting a portion of my words that day.

  219. To celebrate Fountain Pen Day, I will be giving a fountain pen to someone who is curious about the hobby.

  220. Fountain Pen Day Activity list:
    1. Work. Carry and use the fountain pen clipped to my shirt. (Get frustrated when nobody even notices it AGAIN.) 2, Relax by sitting in a comfy space- journalling with a varied assortment of favorite pens and inks. πŸ˜‰ 3. Work some more… this time at home slaving over the sink… I have a list of pens to be cleaned! 4. Relax again… reink a few pens since I just cleaned a few. πŸ™‚
    GREAT day!!
    Hope everyone’s Fountain Pen Day is as enjoyable!! And thanks for the giveaway offer!

  221. I’ll be writing letters, testing out my new wax seal and doing my best to keep on track for #nanowrimo.

  222. I’ll be stopping by the NJ Pen Club meetup briefly before heading into work at my second job. Which I now need to support my Fountain Pen Habbit. Happy Fountain Pen Day and thanks for the opportunity.

  223. I plan to write in my journal, and finally get around to trying to get the pink stains off my white Lamy pen.

  224. I’ve been using my VP to take notes in college but I’m going to start using fountain pens to begin sketching after watching Liz Steel’s YouTube videos.

  225. I’ll be cleaning and inking a few of my lesser used pens to work on a few fonts to send some letters to people I haven’t talked with for a while. It may not be as glorious as some of these comments, but I’m excited!

  226. I’m going to be crossing my fingers that SBRE Brown posts another hilarious Fountain Pen Day video.

  227. I plan to celebrate by taking my Sailor 1911 for a spin and creating my first commonplace notebook. I also plan to ink up 2 Sheaffers and my both my Lamys with all the colors of my Pilot Iroshizuku ink and try my hand at creating a fountain pen painting.

  228. I have a bunch of ink samples waiting for me to come play with them. That’s what I’ll be doing on FPD.

  229. I will be using fountain pens as work and then kicking back in the evening scrolling through fountain pen blogs/videos/articles.

  230. On fountain pen day I will be cleaning fountain pens and deciding what inks to load into them. I also plan to shop for a new ink.

  231. Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway! For Fountain Pen Day I will bring my pen to work (I don’t do desk work so I don’t know how much I’ll use it) and pen some letters when I get home!

  232. I’ll be writing a grant application for my school and working on my NaNoWriMo novel. Happy Fountain Pen Day everyone!

  233. I am holding the second meeting of our new pen collectors club, IowaPen! I am also going to write letters to my aunt and uncle with my fountain pens.,

  234. On Friday I’ll be making my first fountain pen. From a kit, but I’m still excited about being able to use one of my own handcrafted pens. It will be ebony for sure with an accent to be determined.

  235. On fountain pen day, I’m going to go through my collection of pens and organize them πŸ™‚

  236. To celebrate fountain pen day I will be searching for pictures of people posting their pens on social media. I will also be during some journal entries with all my inked pens.

  237. Hoping to get something on Fountain pen day, maybe a pen, maybe some ink, hopefully some paper πŸ™‚

  238. I am going to get me a Pilot 724 with a FA nib! Been enjoying my modded Ahabs with G nibs but will go for something more permanent although sacrificing those fantastic needlepoint lines.

  239. I’ll be taking notes at a work seminar switching between my Safari, Metro, and Diamond 850!

  240. I plan to clean out about 30 pens that have been sitting somewhat neglected for far too long! It’s their day after all. πŸ™‚

  241. To mark Fountain Pen Day I am going to sacrifice a ballpoint pen while all my fountain pens watch.

  242. I’ll be celebrating by inking all my pens up with something colourful, because I finally finished exams today, and I had to use black ink for 4 weeks. I may eve give away a few of my cheaper pens to spread the love.

  243. On fountain pen day I will be writing. A lot. And planning out several projects. And lists. Lots of lists. Maybe a postcard or two.

  244. I will most likely be working late on Fountain Pen Day, but doing it in style with a Montblanc and a LAMY 2000 inked with Sailor Sky High.

  245. Hoping to find some time to do some writing at work or a Starbucks. Hopw everyone has fun using their pens and inks!

  246. Sporting last year’s FPD and Black Pen Society pins, writing exclexclusively with FPs (wait, I do that every day!). Finding some nice paper (harder and harder to do).

  247. Lobby to have all students in my high school receive and be required to use for note taking and composition the Pilot Varsity series (my stretch goal is to require script).

  248. I have tomorrow off work, so I plan on visiting my local pen shop, and using a beautiful pen/ink combination yet to be determined to write in the pregnancy journal my wife and I are keeping to record things for our first child!

  249. I’ll be spreading the word and posting more on Instagram. I’ll be using a fountain pen of course, as I do daily.

  250. First I have to go to the dentist πŸ™ but then I’m going to treat myself to a new bottle of ink!

  251. I have a few friends that are overdue for a cleaning, so I’m setti g aside time to give them a thorough going over.

    And, since one of my Bubs (aka dogs) has been in the hospital since last Friday and we only found out on Tuesday that he’s got a condition that is both teatable and surviveable, I will be using a good portion of the day celebrating his return home with lots of petting and snuggles.

  252. I have just recently gotten interested in fountain pens. Planning to celebrate the day with a new one.
    And of course, hoping to win a great prize.

  253. Being one of the ardent fans of good fountain pens, I wish to celebrate international fountain pen day to support the dying art of writing especially using an elegant fountain pen. I am celebrating it by talking it out to my colleagues and friends as well as by motivating them to buy good fountain pens. I will also show my collection of some beautiful fountain pens.

  254. I should put this holiday on my calendar.

    Festivities: cleaning all the pens and refreshing ink with some infrequently-used bright colors.

  255. I will be working all day, using fountain pens. Then after dinner I will be writing a pen pal.

  256. Will be writing Morning Pages as usual, with my Pilot MR. I think I will treat myself to a bottle of asa-gao on Fountain Pen day.

  257. I will be breaking out my still sealed Delta Prestige silver fountain pen. I think it’s about time.

  258. I plan to celebrate FP day by doing the first ink of my great-grandfather’s recently restored Parker Duofold. I’m super excited!

  259. Living with a family of fountain pen lovers, I think that we shall endeavor to celebrate the day by writing letters with our fountain pens; in our best Spencerian script! Lovely for you to honor the day with a give-a-way.

  260. To celebrate Fountain Pen Day I’m going to be giving my wife a Pilot Metropolitan and surprising my son with green ink in his Kakuno!

  261. To celebrate my very first Fountain Pen Day, I plan on getting my fountain pens inked up this evening and writing with all of them tomorrow. I’ll be telling all of my coworkers how it’s FPD and they will be telling me I look ridiculous with 6 fountain pens stuffed into my pocket. Sometime during the day, I’ll send a text message to the person who introduced me to FPs in the first place, with “HAPPY FOUNTAIN PEN DAY” in all caps, like so. I’ll finish up the day with a post card going out to my pen pal.

    Happy Fountain Pen Day, everyone!

  262. Planning to write little love notes for my fiancΓ© … and go shopping for new pens so that we can match (the Platinum 3776 has heart shaped breather holes… perfect!)

  263. My plan to celebrate fountain pen day is simple:

    Start off the day with a cup of coffee at my local Starbucks with my Oberon blue seas A5 nnotebook and my Pelikan M200 Cafe Creme to write a list of goals for the day, and some writing practice.

    I’ve picked up 20 Pilot Varsities from my local Staples and I plan on giving them to friends and family who have ever shown an interest in my fountain pens.

    As I head to class, I’ll have my Pelikan M600, Waterman 52 1/2v and Pilot Custom Heritage 92 tucked away in my Nock Lookout case, ready to write with some of my favorite inks!

    In between my classes, I plan on doodling away and practicing some calligraphy with my Waterman 52 1/2V and finishing my latest read, which is John Grisham’s “The Firm”. My bookmark of choice you may ask? My Fountain Pen Day bookmark will be my bookmark of choice! I’ve used it avidly since I picked it up at the DC Supershow this year!

    When I get home, I’ll have a fresh new bottle of Iroshizuku Kon-Peki, according to Amazon, to fill up my Pilot Custom 74 and get on with my day as I head to work at a print shop. As we fulfill orders for customers, we have a small area to write our names for quality checks as well as personalized messages or just saying “Thank for shopping with us!”. I’ll have my trust Custom 72 at my side to help sign my name and write that message!

    If anyone at any point asks to borrow a pen, be it for notes or something else, I’ll open up my Nock Co Brasstown. What’s in my Brasstown will be a bit different than my usual carry: Pilot Varisties, Pilot Metros and a few Gel and ball points (everyone is entitled to a choice!) and tell them to pick a pen that they’d like to use.

    At the end of the day, I’ll finish up by giving all of the pens that have run dry over the week a thorough cleaning, and polish them up before putting them back into my display case until they re-enter my weekly rotation. I’ll hang up my Pelikan shirt, that I made for this year’s Pelikan hub, after wearing it all day. Lastly, I’ll pull out a good old fashion dip pen, and write a love letter to my sweet, and set it on her pillow to find just before she goes to bed.

  264. I have to work so I’ll be packing a couple fountain pens to use. I’m hoping I get some sketchbook time if it’s a quieter day. Thank you for the chance.

  265. To celebrate Fountain Pen Day a little early, my coworkers and I had a small lunch get together today to share all of our favorite pens and inks with one another!

  266. Will be celebrating by winning some contests, writing with some fountain pens and I might even purchase a pen or two…or three or four….

  267. I’m planning to go to my favorite coffee shop in the morning and catch up on correspondence.

  268. Since I will be working, I just plan to take a fountain pen to work that day. Not the usual for me. Thanks for the chance!

  269. Cool, A day for Fountain Pens.

    I’ll begin an outline for my college research paper on how handwriting and learning to read improve the speed by which children can learn both. Or, how the cognitive process of handwriting improve organizational thought methods and recall.

    Or, more likely (grin)

    I can procrastinate a day and celebrate by seeking out a antique store in search of a vintage pen. Better still, and more probable, look for a local pen club and join the party.

  270. Hi this is Karen Pollitt aka kpurpose10! I will be joining the Philadelphia Pen Collectors group for a meeting in celebration of Fountain Pen Day. I will also be posting on all my social media accounts that day in celebration of Fountain Pen day. Last, but not least I am giving fountain pens to both of my daughters in an attempt for them to join me in my love of fountain pens!

  271. I will be inking all my pens up with different inks and will bring them to school and I will teach people about them and how to use them.

  272. Hey! I’m in dire need of some new inks and nibs, so I think I’ll make an online purchase tomorrow…

  273. Thanks for the opportunity! You’re awesome as always. I plan to write lots and share with the fountain pen community on social media.

  274. I’ll wear one of my fountain pen T-shirts and using my new Platinum Carbon Desk fountain pen with Platinum Carbon Black ink – heard about this pen on Art Supply Posse!

  275. Seeing as I will be at my office in grad school I will use my fountain pens to do my work as I always do and maybe write in my journal at night.

  276. I will be enjoying all the fountain pen hoopla with my fountain pen buds! And writing all day with my fountain pens, but I always do that!

  277. I will be bringing a bunch of fountain pens and ink into work for my co-workers to try out. Who knows hopefully I will get someone addicted… I mean interested in this awesome hobby. Thank you for the awesome giveaway, and good luck everyone

  278. To celebrate Fountain Pen Day, I’ll be working on some writing. However, instead of using a computer I’ll be writing long hand in a notebook with a few of my favorite pens!

  279. As a pre-law college student, I’ll be celebrating FPD by writing out case briefs for my moot court competition with my Pilot demonstrator.

  280. I’ll be getting ready to build my second fountain pen notebook using HP LaserJet paper. I’m excited about trying out all my inks in it.

  281. Awesome giveaway! I’m already the pen guy at work so I’m planning to double down on that; bigger/shinier pen at work!

  282. Thank you for the opportunity to win. The plans for the day is to send a letter and then pack a fountain pen and journal to head out on a weekend away with my beautiful wife at a lodge with great hiking trails.

  283. FPD will be spent teaching everyone why to use a good FP. In the evening, I will be cleaning my currently inked pens and switching over to my favorite pen and ink combos.

  284. Thanks for this nice giveaway. I’m planning to celebrate by adding new fountain pen to my collection and send handwritten notes to my friends and family

  285. Huzzah! Tomorrow I am going to take a Fountain Pen to work for the first time. Wish me luck and thanks for the giveaway!

  286. I will be celebrating it with the good people at Fountain Pens Australia. Great bunch, one of the best Fountain Pen communities around and a horrific bunch of enablers. RIP my wallet.

    Have a good day everyone!

  287. Today I’ll be writing with my pens, vintage and modern, and really compare how the writing instrument has changed. For better and for worse

  288. This Fountain Pen Day I will be working on a drawing I’m doing for Thanksgiving, and journaling of course.

  289. Thanks for the great giveaway! I’m going to fill up some of my favourite pens and write some postcards!

  290. I’ll finally have some time to clean a whole bunch of pens so I can re-ink them! Two of which I’ll be gifting to my niece and her best friend. I’ve a few letters to finish writing. πŸ™‚ Thank you for this awesome giveaway.

  291. To celebrate I’ll hopefully clean out some of my pens and load them up with fresh ink. It’s been a while.

  292. I wish I could celebrate Fountain Pen day but I have lots of school work and tests on that day. But at least I have fountain pen to write the tests.

  293. I’m celebrating big this year! I will be inking up my new Wahl-Eversharp Decoband for the first time on Fountain Pen Day, then going to Bertram’s Inkwell on the day after for their annual open house.

  294. Celebrating Fountain Pen Day seems somewhat like celebrating Black Friday, which is to say that it seems more like something that happens, rather than is celebrated. I will be working, but I may have time to purchase an expensive pen.

  295. To celebrate Fountain Pen Day, I will be using fountain pens for all my pen needs. This pretty much typical for me. The extra special thing I am doing is sharing my love of fountain pens, inks and paper through a monthly letter to my close friends. Tomorrow is the day to write those letters.

    1. Happy day. I’m planning on using my pens while trying. To to spend any money on all these deals!

  296. I’ll be celebrating by purchasing 3 more bottles of Organics Studio Foggy Bottom & cleaning out my currently inked pens and swapping them for my lesser used ones to show them love. Fun!

  297. I’ll be inking up my EDCs with more unusal inks, even doing my statistics homework in ink. I’ll also make plenty of time looking for the Lamy 2k I lost today.

  298. Celebrate with a drawing a cool picture! and maybe cleaning out all the fountain pens you have inked and ink up some that youve been meaning to use!

  299. A few kind ladies gifted me a few pens, multiple inks, and some sample papers after all my supplies were lost, so to show my gratitude and to celebrate Fountain Pen Day I will be writing thank you letters.

  300. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

    For fountain pen day, I’m celebrating a year of using and collecting fountain pens. I bought my first Lamy Safari on FPD last year, and now I have several dozen pens. I’m going to ink up a few and enjoy them — and work on that NaNoWriMo novel I’m attempting.

  301. Thanks for doing this giveaway! I am planning on cleaning out my favorite pen (Pilot Metropolitan Fine) and inking it up with one of my new ink samples I got and writing to my favorite pen pals.

  302. I plan to celebrate by making swatches of some ink samples. I’ll also be only writing with fountain pens. πŸ™‚

  303. I am going to write all of my texts and facebook posts on paper with my TWSBI and posting pics of them πŸ™‚

  304. As there are no fountain pen gatherings in the local area, after work I will be watching Bill Maher (he will be interviewing President Obama) while writing letters to penpals.

  305. Well at work I have a couple of meetings that I am going to use my pens instead of my laptop

  306. Yay!

    I’m bringing my fave (the Lamy 2000 I got for my birthday this year) into the office for once. Field trip!

  307. I will spend some time during every period I teach tomorrow extolling the virtues of the fountain pen.

  308. I’ll be grading papers,writing some plans, and hopefully spending some time in my Hobonichi with my fountain pen.

  309. Thanks for doing this Ana. I will be celebrating by trying out some samples of inks I purchased from Vanness…pink inks here I come πŸ™‚

  310. This year I decided to host a fountain pen giveaway for my friends on Facebook. They have to put up with my fountain pen posts, now I can give the chance to one of them to own one! And maybe some sneaky holiday scoping for who gets pens for Christmas. Heh heh heh.

  311. I will be writing in my journal with my fountain pen. Jotting down my thoughts, ideas, and spending the day with my pen and journal!

  312. First time I’m celebrating Fountain Pen Day. My friend and I love talking about our favorite pens and inks, and I’ll be sure to chat with him tomorrow and check out some new pens!

  313. I will be cleaning pens and the choosing the pens and inks I will taking on a week-long trip to visit my father and daughter.

  314. I allways use my fountain daily to organize my work and at night to practice my handwriting!

  315. Too late, but anyway : I’m participating all the giveaway games for pens I can find !
    Oh, and I also write a lot, but this I do everyday πŸ˜€

  316. I’m writing with my Lamy 2000 all day, unless I use the Diplomat Traveler I got off ebay!

  317. I’m doing the very necessary (yet boring) task of disassembling, cleaning, and re-filling about 1/2 dozen of my workhorse pens. My hands are going to be soooooooo covered in ink by the end of the day, but it’s worth it for such lovely fountain pens!

  318. I’m going to write a paper on As You Like It with my Sailor Kiwa-Guro-inked Pilot Kakuno!

  319. Wowsers! What a generous giveaway!
    I actually spent FP day doing fieldwork for my PhD, looking for cockatoos. I will actually celebrate FP day tomorrow, by reinking my pens, and maybe even meeting up with some FP buddies!

  320. I’ve only had my Lamy Safari EF for a few months now, and my celebration of Fountain Pen Day is to pick up a few fountain friendly notebooks and some new inks, but also using my Safari with Noodler’s 54th Mass ink at work for all my notes of the day.

  321. I’m celebrating this year by buying my wife a fountain pen… Share the obsession with the ones you love! πŸ™‚

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