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This week’s link of the week is left-handed illustrator, Anke Weckman who went above and beyond and did a pen and pencil test of every tool she owned. I double-dog dare you to do the same.




Paper & Notebooks:


Other Interesting Things:

Calepino Grands Carnets – Large Notebooks from Calepino on Vimeo.

The Calepino large notebooks being made by hand in a teeny tiny shop in France by one man. He prints the covers on a Heidelberg windmill (the same sized presses my husband uses though his are a bit newer), cuts them on an old industrial guillotine cutter, makes the bellybands with what looks like a clear foil or varnish and then wraps them on the books. The video does not show the stitch binding process but one assumes that might be done in the same small shop as well? Pretty mesmerizing.

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