Ask The Desk: Perplexing Pen & Refill Questions


Rosemary asks:

Should dry erase markers be stored horizontally or vertically?

I’ve had best luck storing dry erase markers either horizontally or upside down, tip down to keep the ink towards the tip. I have some that magnet to my dry erase board and I hang them tip down to keep the ink towards the point and they have lasted longer that way. I hope that helps!

Jose asks:

I have a montblanc miesterstuck ballpoint, there is any gel refill option to use??
Also i want to know what parker refill number fits on this pen?

Montblanc ballpoint refills have a slightly different taper than Parker-style refills so while they are the same length overall, unless there is a good deal of free space inside the pen barrel itself, it’s unlikely that any Parker-style refill will fit. Monteverde created these lovely line drawings that show very clearly the differing profiles of the Montblanc refill versus the standard Parker-style refill.

That said, Monteverde makes a gel refill that is compatible with the Montblanc ballpoint pens and is available through many pen shops and on Amazon. The Monteverde gel refills to fit Montblanc are available in fine, medium and broad in black, blue and blue-black. A 6-pack of these refills can be purchased directly from Monteverde as well for $30.

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