Giveaway: Write Your Own Adventure Planner 2017

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Several months ago I decided to back the Kickstarter campaign for the Emma Kate Co. Write Your Own Adventure Planner for 2017 but couldn’t decide if I wanted the grey or pink version so like the planner junkie than I am, I ordered both of them. And customs and international post being what they are, the planners arrived today. So, 2017 starts today for me. And for you. The fact that both the grey and the peachy pink planners are both beautiful I had to resort to crowdsourcing to make a decision which planner to keep. So, I decide to keep the peachy pink.

Bob made the reasonable call that the grey planner was much more neutral and respectable for either a lady or a gentleman to carry (Is he thinking he’s going to enter the giveaway? Am I going to have to add a stipulation to the fine print about family members not being eligible?).


Inside the fabric hard cover covers is creamy stock and really nice page layouts where Saturday and Sunday are given the most space on both the monthly and the weekly spreads.


On each page, there is a quote or an inspirational phrase.


At the bottom of the weekly pages is space for three items. You could use these for your three most important to-do’s; breakfast, lunch and dinner plans; or morning, afternoon and evening events.


Inbetween each month are two pages of dot grid paper as well as more sheets at the end of the book for additional notes.


At the back of the book is a gusseted pocket for ephemera.


The panner includes two matching grosgrain bookmarks. And finally, the book pages are about a half an inch shorter than the binding to accommodate the adhesive tabs included to mark the month. I love that the tabs fit at the bottom of the pages instead of the top or the sides.

I have not had a chance to do any pen tests yet but the paper feels substantial, creamy and a little toothy. So, the giveaway winner will get to test the paper and let us all know how well it performs too.

TO ENTER: Tell me what your adventure plans are for 2017 are in comments. One entry per person.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Friday, January 6, 2017. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Wednesday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 10 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US residents only, please.

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  1. Our adventures for 2017. A mission trip to Chicago over the 4thof July.
    DC pen show and DC sights.
    My nieces wedding in Wisconsin in the fall and then explore Wisconsin.

  2. My adventure is preparing for retirement! Which is a kind of meta-adventure leading to more adventures.

  3. I just became a grandmother, so my adventures revolve around babies – much has changed in 30 years, and it’s like visiting a city I’ve never seen before. I need a guidebook 🙂

  4. My adventures: run a marathon, make a career change, visit Yellowstone, and be an awesome aunt!

  5. my family adventures include Spring Break in DC with dear friends, Florida in the summer, my son serving as a ring bearer in a wedding for his babysitter, and weekend jaunts to various train-themed restaurants & museums.

  6. These planners are so beautiful! I love all the little details. 2017 for me includes wedding and honeymoon planning, and keeping myself sane in the meantime.

  7. This will sound horrible, but this is my 2017 adventure. I will end a fifteen year marriage that should have ended ten years ago. I will begin a new life with a man that makes me laugh, feel beautiful and enjoy simply being alive. Sounds terrible, I know. But now, I want to be happy.

  8. My adventure is to finally finish my novel and keep fighting for a creative life rather than a dull corporate life. I’ve hated my job and I’m finally doing everything in my power to change that.

  9. My 2017 adventure will be the ongoing story of starting a business and looking at the possibility of re-positioning ourselves into the non-profit sector.

  10. My 2017 adventure involves letting go of the fear that things will not work out the way they are supposed to, choosing joy, and being intentional in everything I do. In a more literal sense, I hope my 2017 adventure takes me to new cities with people I care about (on the short list- NYC and California!).

  11. Our family is originally from Minnesota but we are currently living in Washington state. We have been here for 4.5 years and have done some exploring, but not nearly enough considering what we are surrounded by. My (Our) adventure plan for 2017 is to live a little healthier than last year and spend as much time as possible exploring as much of Washington as we can. We are hoping to dig into Oregon and British Columbia as well, but WA is our priority. Happy New year!

  12. Honestly to get through the year. So many projects from new transmitters, wifi networks, servers, daughter 🙂

  13. there are several places that i plan to go, but NOT knowing is where the adventures begin 🙂

  14. My adventure is to become a better mom, I very recently had my first child, and it has already been a lot of fun to watch her grow, and I fully look forward to growing right along side of her!

  15. I hope to go on a trip. Being the caregiver to my mother its a matter of getting my brother to take care of her. Not a long trip just a short weekend with girlfriends. Would be fisrt getaway in 7 years

  16. My adventure for 2017 includes traveling to Korea (for a wedding) and trying to learn the language. It also includes finding away to plug in less and enjoy creating more.

  17. I will move soon and look forward to further adventures after that.I want to read some interesting books and write my own journey notes on what chatacters and ideas I encounter.

  18. I am taking the family on a Norse adventure to Iceland and Norway. We may well bring a troll or gnome home to boot!

  19. So stoked for my adventure plan: a trip to Vancouver with one of my besties ~ a city neither of us has been to!

  20. I have been fortunate to be able to travel for the last several years. As a first-time mother, in 2017 my adventures will be to raise an infant and to take at least one trip with her.

  21. Well, considering our house burned down on the 18th of December, my year is going to be rebuilding the house my daughter and her fiance owned that we all live in….not quite what I had originally planned!

  22. My adventure for 2017 is to finish up my bachelor’s: and drive across the country to my grad school– either in California or Massachusetts!

  23. Mine would be to chronicle the adventures my daughter creates during drives around town and when she plays in her room

  24. So many adventures planned, mostly involving New England’s White Mountains and unleashing my inner artist!

  25. My adventure is 3 weeks in France; 1st Paris for 5 days then 2 weeks in Avignon, all the while sketching and painting.

  26. I am going to take every opportunity I can to take small road trips, writing a travel journal as we go 🙂

  27. I’m planning on finishing my first year d college and getting a real job this summer!

  28. My adventure will be in Italy in May! Thank you for this giveaway — this planner is fantastic! Love that weekends have more space — as they should!

  29. My adventure in 2017 is going to be trying to find affordable health insurance that actually insures me!

  30. My 2017 adventure is to stop sacrificing everything for my family and find at least one “me” thing.

  31. Gorgeous planner with lovely lettering. Adventures this year? I dunno. I’m no good at planning. I guess I’d like to use at least as much analog as digital, love others more than myself, make better art than last year.

  32. Hopefully Blade Show 2017.
    Otherwise, we already had an adventure over the New Year’s weekend.

  33. My adventure this year is to say yes to everything that comes my way (unless it’s dangerous, of course)!

  34. I love the comment someone wrote about lightening up in many ways… Mine too…

    My adventure is to find hand lettering classes, attend them and practice. I think I will really enjoy it.

  35. I’m hoping that my adventures this year include our business growing and being able to travel some!

  36. Mi adventure is life with a newborn. She’ll be 1 in October and I’m writing very thing down to remember hear precious days.

  37. My adventure is to work on one canvas a month in the hopes of generating twelve finished oil paintings in one year

  38. My adventures in 2017 will include my wedding, a road trip to Toronto, and completion of my CPA exams.

  39. My adventure for 2017 is to write daily. I love journaling and don’t give myself the time to do it regularly.

  40. Clearly I need to expand my planner horizons – this looks awesome. My adventure this year is the fact that I will have a two year old. Oh boy. Every day we go on an adventure, even if it is just to the grocery store.

  41. My adventure this year will to be getting outdoors more. I’m starting off the journey with a bird watching expedition to view Bald Eagles at the Skagit River Interpretive Center in Washington.

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