Montegrappa Felicita Fountain Pen in Sugar Pink Dust

The Montegrappa Felicitá (pronounced “fella-cheetah” which I learned thanks to the fine fellas at Kenro over drinks in Chicago) is a lovely new line of smaller scale, pearlescent fountain pens. The overall look of these pens is beautiful and somewhat understated from a brand known for doing some pretty elaborate designs. As a result, the price point on this pen is actually pretty reasonable with the average purchase price around $200US.

The Felicitá comes in four colors: Sugar Pink Dust, Jellybon Ocean, Caramel Gold, and Red Velvet. I decided to get the cotton candy pink-like Sugar Pink Dust. I mean really, how could I resist? I do keep calling it Pink Sugar though by accident.

The Jellybon Ocean reminds me of blue velvet and the Caramel Gold looks like sunlight sparkling off sand at the beach and the Red Velvet really does live up to its name so it was hard to choose a color. The fact that Montegrappa went out on a limb and made such a playful color as Sugar Pink Dust though made me compelled to get it.

The shape of the pen overall looks like a Fortuna with reduced proportions. If you like the shape of Montegrappa Mule or one of the other Fortuna pens but found it a bit too big or heavy for you, the Felicitá might be just the pen for you. It’s a bit slimmer, shorter and lighter overall than a full-sized Fortuna in resin and definitely lighter than the copper Mule.

  • Capped or posted: 18gms
  • Uncapped: 11gms
  • Length, capped: 5 1/8″ (13cm)
  • Length, uncapped: 4 5/8″ (11.7cm)
  • Length, posted: 5 7/8″ (15.1cm)

The pen features stainless steel trim and a steel nib but it is one of the silkiest smooth steel nibs I’ve ever used. The Felicitá traveled with me to the Chicago Pen Show and was tried by many a pen show attendee with equal awe.

The fine nib in the Felicitá writes very smoothly and I’ve not had any issues with hard starting. It’s been filled with the KWZ Raspberry ink for several weeks. I passed the pen around quite a bit at the Chicago Pen Show and lots of people had a similar reaction to the smoothness of the nib. I heard a lot of “oooh”s and “aaaah”s when it hit the paper which delighted me as much as when I was actually using it. I love getting to see other people enjoy trying a new pen as much as I like using them.

My taste in fountain pens has definitely started to move into a higher price point since I first got into the hobby. I didn’t think I’d notice the difference in the writing experience between a $50 pen and a $200 pen but now I can. The pen is weighted nicely. The material feel good in the hand. There is attention to detail in the nib, the resin material and the details like the end cap. If you are looking for “a little bit more” for a fountain pen, the Felicitá might be a pen to consider. While it does not have a gold nib, everything else about this pen is lovely and quite stunning. I’m really surprised how much I like it.

The Montegrappa Felicita is available in all four colors at Vanness Pens for $200.

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Kenro Industries for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Love the review – and everything you do! But can I ask why you redesigned the website to have “read more”? I always enjoyed a weekly scroll through

    1. I had some complaints about too much scrolling so I am trying to pare down longer reviews on the front page but leaving the Link Love and shorter posts as full content. I’ll try to be judicious with the “read more”.

  2. Gotta have it. Not at Triangle Pen Show today – now I feel like I’m a lush in an after-hours speakeasy, online after the pen show….Probably get the ink too. Love KWZ. 🙂

    1. Those folks at the pen show will get you sorted out on Sunday. If the Anderson’s don’t have one, they can ship you one. Or Vanness can get one in the mail to you. No withdrawals! We can get you your pen!

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