Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Inks

I officially have a really bad case of completionism (which apparently is not a word in the dictionary but should be!). After missing out on several of the colors in the original release of the Sailor Jentle Four Seasons set, I bought all the colors in the second release as soon as they were available and when it was announced that Sailor was re-releasing the original series, I bought them all, even the colors I already had — just in case the colors might have shifted or changed.

For the record, they have not.

I had a bottle of the ever-coveted Apricot, Yama-Dori, and Grenade and the new bottle colors are identical. Those are also three of the most popular colors so I am glad to report that if you missed out in the first batch, you can happily buy the re-release and bask in the sheen-y glory!

Last week I made a few quick little videos on Instagram to show some of the sheen and compare colors. Which do you like better?

Some colors I had not seen before but knew other people loved. I’m pretty much in ink heaven. All Sailor Jentle inks are available from Anderson Pens, $18-$25 per bottle.

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  1. These are probably my favorite inks. They flow so smoothly and the sheens are beautiful without being too fussy and overly dramatic like sparkle inks. And the colors are all gorgeous.

  2. completionism… that’s exactly what i have, too! especially when it comes to inks. really should be a word.

    thanks for this comparison. i love sailor inks for the sheen that most have. those are the ones i pursue. was so excited when apricot, grenade, epinard and sky high were releases again.

  3. Beautiful. Since I’m now officially done with sparkly inks (two permanently wrecked pens), I will concentrate on these gorgeous Sailor colors. Thank you!

  4. I got Yama Dori from as the last of my Amazon Prime month.

    I’ve read about ink oozing out of the bottles after being turned upside down then back for opening. Once capped, people reported the ink oozing out on Fountain Pen Network. Has anyone had that issue?

    1. There is a foam insert in the top of the cap that should not be removed and should be replaced when recapping the bottle. I imagine the foam will get sticky or seated improperly over time so I would recommend inverting the bottle carefully (i.e. in a rag or wrapped in a paper towel) in order to fill the reservoir.

  5. Your swatches came out so beautiful in the videos! I’m trying hard not to be a completionist, but if I were to succumb, Sailor Jentle and Iroshizuku are the two ink lines I’m most likely to succumb to (almost there with Iroshizuku) — such unique and brilliant colors! You should just sell sets of your ink swatches for completionist wannabes — there’s probably good money in it. 😉


    1. LOL! Sailor and Iroshizuku are the most well-behaved inks anyway. If you were going to be a completionist about an ink brand, those would be good ones to choose!

  6. The ‘new’ line is finally available in EU ( I got mine at Akkerman the hague) and I got the Kin Mokusei and Yuki Akari first… I say first because the completionist in me is going back to get the others in the range as well 😉

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