Do you know what tomorrow is? The first day of October! And for a lot of folks that means the start of Inktober the drawing challenge event of the year.

If you want to participate, there’s really not much to it:

If you want to use the prompts created, you can. Or you can make up your own.

I did it last year and I’ve decided to do it again this year.

I picked my own theme last year, I did a knitter’s alphabet and the ArtSnacks Inktober Kit Sketchbook and a selection of Copic markers and pens as my own limited palette and personal challenge.

This year, I am going to do another alphabet theme because I like to know what I’m going to draw everyday. It keeps the guessing and planning out of the equation. I can plan it out ahead of time to a certain extent. At least a couple of days in advance or at least be thinking about it. But I’m going to keep the topic a secret — at least until tomorrow.

If you decide to try it, set some parameters for yourself to help make it easier. Either set a time limit (only 20 minutes and its done no matter how not done it is), a size limitation (a small notebook, 3x5s, post-it notes, whatever) or materials (only ballpoint pens, just black and white, only sharpies, whatever) so that you don’t turn it into an epic project. In the end, my drawings never took more than an hour each day.

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  1. I loved your series last year and look forward to discovering what your theme is this year! I’m keeping it simple this year — no theme — but I’m going to try ballpoint, which I haven’t given much love to but have always been intrigued by. We’ll see if I stick with it all month!

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