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Saturday (that would be tomorrow) is the annual Hallmarket event at Crown Center. This is THE opportunity to shop and buy original artwork and crafts from Hallmark artists, designers, photographers, and other crafty folks. The event starts at 10am and goes until 5pm in square outside, rain or shine. There will be food and beverage vendors and admission is free to attend. I recommend arriving early because many artists’ works are snapped up early. My good pal Hannah (who is not showing this year sadly) had her handmade plush sold out by lunch one year.

Letter Writing

Kickstarter: World’s Smallest Postal Service Kit – Special Editions 

Lea Redmond and her cohorts are at it again with five new miniature themed postal kits plus a revision to the original kit and a new stamp set.  The Kickstarter campaign has a couple weeks left so you have time left to back it. I have the original kit so I will certainly back this one too.

In the light of the last few weeks’ series of natural disasters, the Write_On blog suggests that you write letters of thanks and encouragement to rescue groups, first responders, city officials and others who have had to do so much in the past few weeks. Whether you live in one of the many places affected by the earthquakes, fires or hurricanes or would just like to reach out and send your thanks to the people who have worked so hard to help, check out the post. They even include a letter-writing playlist. As this Sunday is the monthly Wonder Fair Letter Writing Club, I might pen a few letters and postcards myself.


The new Karas Kustoms Decographs have been the talk of the town. All the Decograph pens have the look of vintage pens but are made from modern aircraft aluminum and stainless steel with high-strength thermoplastics. The Karas Kustoms Decograph fountain pen colors are being unveiled in waves. The best way to see and hear the latest about the Decograph is to join the Coin Club. They have unveiled the black version as well as some limited edition models available at the San Francisco Pen Show. Other color editions will be revealed to the public in the coming weeks.

California Typewriter

The California Typewriter film opens in theaters across the US. Except in a city near me. Or probably you. But if you can wait until November 21, 2017 you can purchase it on iTunes in HD for $12.99. Or watch the trailer.

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