Notebook Review: Rollbahn Notebooks by Delfonics

Rollbahn Notebooks are a sub-brand from Delfonics, a Japanese company which you might not know from looking at the cover of these notebooks. I think the Rollbahn notebooks are Japanese attempting to recreate, improve or homage to Rhodia and Moleskine and other European notebooks dynasties. The covers of the books are thicker than most with a heavier coating of gloss. The notebooks include a black elastic to keep the books closed The paper inside is an ivory color. Each page is perforated so it can be removed from the book without the torn edges. The notebooks are available with a spiral ring on the left or top and in the back of each book is a section divider and several pages of plastic sleeves for storing ephemera.

The paper quality is above the average spiral-bound notebook. Its not quite on par with Rhodia but I’d say its up there with Leuchtturm 1917 in regards with its ability to handle fountain pen ink. It did well with most rollerballs, felt tips, ballpoints and there was very little feathering with fountain pens on the page but had some show through on the the reverse. With dip pens, there was some feathering. The only real issue was that the yellowish ivory cast of the paper did alter ink colors. If you are not a stickler with color fidelity or have been looking for an ivory stock for notes, than the Rollbahn may be for you.

The “Lady Beautiful” lettering was done at the DC Pen Show by non other than Jake Weidmann using one of my Lady Sheaffer pens!

The clear, plastic pocket sleeves in the back are handy for conferences, meetings or other events where you might be getting lots of cards or ephemera and need a place to put them. The stiff covers make the notebooks great if you find yourself taking notes in auditoriums where you might be writing on your lap. I’m not often a fan of spiral books because I always think they seem less durable or professional but the simplicity of the covers and the sturdiness make the Rollbahn seem less flimsy.

I tested Jason’s Pilot Custom 823 for about 30 minutes before I remembered I owned a Custom 912 (duh!). So I handed his back and got out my own pen.

The Rollbahn notebooks are not easy to acquire but Fans of The Desk do have an opportunity to buy the books exclusively through a special sales page. Grab them while you can!

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Vanness Pens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Omoi Zakka ( is another way to get delfonics products! They have a selection of their pens/pencils and usually have a few of the solid colored rollbahns available.

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