Giveaway Winner: Baron Fig 2018 Planner

Thanks to everyone who entered the Baron Fig 2018 Planner giveaway this week. I was thrilled to see all the wonderful and aspirational goals that people were setting for themselves for 2018.

After the last few week’s of terrible news cycles, I noticed no one mentioned acts of violence, hatred or anger in their goals for 2018. There were lots of comments about wanting to spend more time with family, reflecting on life, slowing down, getting fit, taking more time to help others, being present in the moment, cooking dinners, spending time with friends and generally being all-around good people. I don’t know if that says something about the quality of the readers of the blog (I’d like to think it does) or pen-and-paper enthusiasts in general.

I hope that all your goals can be met and that each one of you continues to shine your awesome light on this world. We sure could use your positivity and light about now.

Now, to the winner of the giveaway:

Congrats to Melanie! I hope that you finish you exam with flying colors and find the job that fulfills your heart and your bank account.

Thanks to Baron Fig for providing the planner and I hope that everyone else considers using this planner (or some system) to plan all those goals. I want to see them all become realities! I want to read the books, see the photos from all the trips, dinners, walks with friends and families, crossing the finish lines, dances, and weddings and everything else. Let’s make all these dreams come true!

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  1. Thank you Ana for the win. I always hope for better times in this country and internationally; however, I didn’t think it was my place to express my feelings in this setting. Stay blessed.

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