Friday Faves: Top Ten Fountain Pen Day Activities

  1. If you live near a pen shop, visit your local store. They will most likely be celebrating Fountain Pen Day in some way. If they are not, let them know about Fountain Pen Day and hopefully next year they will participate in this international celebration.
  2. Visit your favorite online shop. Or cruise down the side bar and visit all the shops that support The Well-Appointed Desk. Every single shop is offering discounts, specials and sales on items in honor of Fountain Pen Day. This is your chance to purchase that pen, ink or notebook you’ve had your eye on. Or maybe pick up a pen to finally convince your friend or loved one that fountain pens are as awesome as your think they are.
  3. Check out the hashtags on Instagram #fountainpenday and #fountainpenday2017. Many bloggers and shops are offering giveaways on Instagram not to mention showing off their FPD finery. Share in all the celebrations and post your own photos with these hashtags.
  4. If you are in the Columbus area or can swing it, go visit the Ohio Pen Show which is THIS WEEKEND! What luck that it coincides with FPD. If you can’t make it to the pen show, start planning for 2018 and what pen show you can visit. Nothing solidifies the love of fountain pens and the fountain pen community quite like a 3-day weekend of pen show mania.
  5. Listen to or watch some pen-related podcasts like The Pen Addict, Pen Habit, Inkdependence, Figboots on Pens, SBRE Brown, Gourmet Pens: Serious Nibbage , The Nib Section, R.S.V.P., and Anderson Pens. There are so many more but these will certainly be a good gateway to get you started.
  6. Subscribe to the newsletters from your favorite online shops. You’ll find out when they are having sales, when new products arrive and other important information. This is the one time when you actually want the newsletter. I promise. Especially with the holidays coming up and family members asking what you want as a gift. You can actually forward the newsletter, from the shop you want them to purchase the item or a gift card.
  7. Write with your fountain pens. Write a letter to a friend, your grandma or finally write that thank you note.
  8. Set up your 2018 planner or Bullet Journal. Go on… you know you want to!
  9. Introduce your friends, family or co-workers to fountain pens. Maybe have a couple or your starter pens you’d be willing to pass along to them if they take a liking to fountain pens. Spread the love!
  10. Clean those fountain pens that have been languishing. Re-ink them with your favorite inks and take them out for a spin!

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  1. Thank you for the list Ana. I was going to write a letter, and I have a chocolate cake that I “wrote” Fountain Pen Day on.

    But your post inspired me to clean some pens that were waiting for cleaning. I might even follow another of your tips and ink the now clean Retro 51 Prism with a sample of MB Oyster Grey ink. I’ve been wanting to see that ink, plus on the Anderson Pens blog Oyster Grey was one of the 5 or so inks the blogger mentioned.

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