12 Days of Inkmas: Scriptus 2017 Confederation Brown

On the ninth day of Inkmas, I reviewed an ink that is virtually impossible to get. Sorry!

Scriptus 2017 Confederate Confederation Brown is another sample I acquired from a member of my local pen club. It was the special ink created by KWZ for the Toronto Pen Show this year in honor of the 150th anniversary of Canada becoming a confederation.  It was a limited edition color for the show and as far as I know, unless you know someone who attended the show and purchased a bottle, there is no way to acquire any of this ink. I am reviewing this to share the ink and hopefully provide some other options if you love it but can’t get any.

Scriptus Confederate Confederation Brown is a cool brown which is similar to the Glare Olive Brown from yesterday. Coincidence? The club member who shared it with me was a bit disappointed that the ink wasn’t a warmer brown given the name. I can’t blame her. I was expecting more brown as well and was surprised at how green it was.

In my small stub nib that I use for my writing sample, the green undertone becomes pretty apparent on the Rhodia paper. In finer nibs, I suspect it would be less evident but this is definitely not a warm chocolatey brown reminiscent of brown bears, hot cocoa and rich soil. This is more of a deep forest, woodsy, evergreen brown.

The color is very saturated so there is only a little shading and no sheen.

But in the plus column, this is a classic KWZ formula with the original scent that is so distinctively KWZ. Accept no substitutes here.

When compared with other brown inks, Confederate Confederation Brown reminds me most of Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Guri or Sailor Jentle Rikyu-Cha which are both readily available.

Edit: Thanks to Twitter follower @skeskali for correcting me. The ink is actually called Confederation Brown not Confederate Brown… That’s a whole different color!

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